Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Food Documentaries

Here are 2 Food Documentaries that are available for Instant Viewing on Netflix that are inspiring and eye-opening (and gut wrenching).

The Future of Food gives a clear picture of the effects of Genetically Modified food on farmers, economy, government, and food culture.
I feel like we're setting ourselves up for disaster...for famine and pestilence. If these GM crops are all we have and there's a bug or weed or effect of some sort that wipes that type of plant out...we're lost.

When I first heard about the effect of GM crops on other countries I was in my Anthropology class. My professor told us about a group of farmers in India that had committed mass suicide by drinking the pesticide and herbicide Monsanto had sold them to use on the Monsanto crops...the same crops that had made the farmers impoverished (a situation that they could not stand with honor and that led to their suicide).
They became impoverished because of the Terminator technology (the suicide genes in the plant) that cause the plant to be sterile so every year the farmers must buy new seed from the company.

Food, Inc. is a look at the food industry and the effects on the people.
"This isn't about what we're eating. Its about what we're allowed to say; what we're allowed to know."
This movie differs from Future of Food in that it spoke about animals/meat a little more and directed its attention away from Monsanto as much and more on the companies that benefit from Monsanto.
There's a scene in the movie where a man interviewed open up a live cow with a 4-5 inch hole to access the first stomach! The cow squirms and bucks a lil but doesn't feel the cut as its been numbed but still...It squicked me out so I thought I would put a warning. 
There's also a slaughterhouse if you have a weak may not want to watch.
I will say that this movie was emotionally made me want to cry several times.