Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Food Documentaries

Here are 2 Food Documentaries that are available for Instant Viewing on Netflix that are inspiring and eye-opening (and gut wrenching).

The Future of Food gives a clear picture of the effects of Genetically Modified food on farmers, economy, government, and food culture.
I feel like we're setting ourselves up for disaster...for famine and pestilence. If these GM crops are all we have and there's a bug or weed or effect of some sort that wipes that type of plant out...we're lost.

When I first heard about the effect of GM crops on other countries I was in my Anthropology class. My professor told us about a group of farmers in India that had committed mass suicide by drinking the pesticide and herbicide Monsanto had sold them to use on the Monsanto crops...the same crops that had made the farmers impoverished (a situation that they could not stand with honor and that led to their suicide).
They became impoverished because of the Terminator technology (the suicide genes in the plant) that cause the plant to be sterile so every year the farmers must buy new seed from the company.

Food, Inc. is a look at the food industry and the effects on the people.
"This isn't about what we're eating. Its about what we're allowed to say; what we're allowed to know."
This movie differs from Future of Food in that it spoke about animals/meat a little more and directed its attention away from Monsanto as much and more on the companies that benefit from Monsanto.
There's a scene in the movie where a man interviewed open up a live cow with a 4-5 inch hole to access the first stomach! The cow squirms and bucks a lil but doesn't feel the cut as its been numbed but still...It squicked me out so I thought I would put a warning. 
There's also a slaughterhouse if you have a weak may not want to watch.
I will say that this movie was emotionally made me want to cry several times.

Sunday, August 28, 2011


A lot going on with me.

New Job
New Haircut
New, Refurbished Website

I'm also ordering stuff for EcoGoth products and trying to prioritize...

Also a surprise coming soon 0.0

I am eating more vegan products. There's a shop in Elizabethton, TN called O Go Grocery that has vegan cheese, cream cheese, butter, etc for $1 each! Thank you Amy who also turned me onto the Vegan blog in the last post. She's been very helpful with all my dietary changes.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New blog!

My friend Amy turned me onto this new vegan blog because I'm having some issues with milk (I'm getting an appointment with the doctor to find out if I'm lactose intolerant). Posting the link here to 1) share it with all you readers and 2) remember it myself since its not a blogger account, I can't follow it like one. I really like the idea for grilled chickpea sammies.^_^

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Is Almond Milk a Good Replacement for Cow's Milk? #869

1 he does not mean my blog of course lol

2 Kevin Gianni sort of rambles but its true that they are dissimilar...but I prersonally prefer almond milk to cow's milk...

Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Practical Look at the Raw Food Lifestyle

The Raw Food World TV Show is premiering a series of shows from a lecture to natural medicine students about how the Raw Food Lifestyle works and how it heals.
I recommend at least watching the first video because I love how he explains that eating meat and even dairy is a lot less dangerous to your health than Processed Starches and Processed Sugars! Very important point!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I have a new Suite 101 articles: The Health Benefits of Henna

To follow up on that I'll be dying my hair with henna this weekend and recording it for the EcoGoth TV Show on YouTube (I know, I've been putting off the first video too long...I just haven't been happy wiht the recordings I've done so far).

Henna recipe for hair:

25 grams of henna powder
hot black tea
tea tree oil
ravensara oil
lemon juice
shower cap
6 hours online ^_^

Monday, June 27, 2011

Green Sex!

Jacob Gordon of Tree Hugger wrote a great article on how to green your sex life!

I know, I know, I’m the Queen of uncomfortable subjects (still hasn’t lived down the whole article and month of discussions about the Perfect Bowel Movement). However, organic and green products for your sex life just go to show how far we’ve come in the eco-friendly industry.

As a married woman I appreciate articles like these. If anything, there’s a few suggestions someone could use to spice things up a bit. Without going too far into the subject…
One of my favorite romantic things to do is make a batch of veggie spaghetti for a dinner for two with my man. Lately, his fav way of romancing me is to take me out under the stars or enjoy a small fire.
I personally plan on investing in some bamboo sheets and hemp silk unmentionables when I can afford them. ^_^

How do you green your love life?

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Monthly Herbal: June 2011

So this monthly herbal poll is a tie between PauD'Arco and Cats Claw. What to do? Lets do Both! Hey its my blog, I can do that lol.
No information tonight tho kiddies.
I gotta hit the hay. Cherry picking, again, in the morning ^_^

You can check out my newest article for Suite101: How to Detox with Oil Pulling
I'm actually going to try this out fo rmy dental health starting tomorrow, wish me luck!

Monday, May 23, 2011

My Busy Week

A few pictures of my busy week. Along with helping out with gardening, I've made sour cherry jelly, 25 ounces of shampoo, and rose and violet hydrosol.
and I'm Not Done Yet!

Coming this week: job hunting, honeysuckle hydrosol, planing pumpkins, the EcoGoth TV Show, creating sample kits, and at some point sleep would be nice (haha).

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Weekend shopping

Getting abit of shopping done this weekend. After filling the car with gas and making a car payment...I plan on buying some herbs and such for product making for EcoGoth!

On my list is:
Almond milk
Star Anise pods
Angelica root
Hyssop, dried
Dr. Bronner's Castille soap
Amber bottle
Lip balm tins
1 brick

Mom-in-law Kathy bought the almond milk and stevia for me this morning (THANKS!) so I'm not regressing to 175 lbs again with my recent massive doses of sugar in my tea and the like (same for the gallon of whole cows milk in the fridge...).

You might be asking about the brick...well I'm going to be making honeysuckle hydrosol this coming week some time and maybe some rose hydrosol if there are enough roses available. The honeysuckle I'm not actually buying but gathering as there is a TON of it growing aorund here. Mostly its an experiment as I've never made hydrosol with honeysuckle before...

I just found out Three of Cups, a shop where I used to buy dried and fresh herbs and oils is now closed until they can find a new location (the old had heating and air problems and other unhealthy issues). Here's to hoping they get a new local soon!

Maybe I'll bring the video camera along and you can see where I shop, the products I buy and what I make! Stay tuned!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Picking Pitting and Canning: Cherries!

What a day! Farmville has nothing on me! Haha!

Halloween, our furkid, went to the vet this morning for her fix (spade). We'll be picking her up tomorrow morning.

We headed out after a breakfast of toast all around, to Clyde's farm to pick cherries after a phone call last night saying, the birds are eating them, come as soon as you are able!
Clyde has 3 grown trees with tart little cherries. There are more than that number but these are small and many will be transplanted to my in-laws this fall. Sadly, these trees, which in the past have been so full its taken hours to pick, were only partly full of cherries and many of these were either half eaten by birds and bugs or weren't ripe. We got about 3 1/2 to 4 gallons. The trees here on the property aren't ready for picking yet.

We got the buckets of cherries back to the house where we pitted them by hand (they're too small for cherry pitters) and put them through a mesh to collect the juice (the remaining pits and fruit are composted and if any saplings grow we are considering selling them at the farmers market).

And then I got to can jelly for the first time ever! Now, I did watch jelly and vegetable canning last year but my participation ended at harvesting and pitting/stringing/cutting.
I watched and took the experience in as if I were taking a class. I write the recipe down and made notes on everything Kathy said about canning.
I am proud to say that my first batch ever (7 jars total) was a delicious success!

The recipe is pretty straight forward.
3 1/2 cups cherry juice
1/2 tsp butter
1 box gelatin/fruit pectin
4 cups sugar

Mix juice, butter and gelatin in a large pot (we used stainless steel) and bring to a hard boil stirring all the while.
Add sugar and stir, bring to hard boil again and stir 1 minute.
After exactly 1 minute, bring off heat and ladle into jars (using a funnel).

Notes (I'll try and keep them comprehensive and coherent...but no promises)

Jars: make sure to have good jars, as weak ones are likely to crack, break or even shatter during canning. We used Bell brand. Kerr is also a good brand.
As for the lids, do not reuse the flat part of the lid as the rubber will not re-seal for a second use.

Equipment: always wash equipment in between batches. Dry jelly jars COMPLETELY before filling (water will ruin your jelly).

Making the jelly:
~ The 1/2 tsp of butter is to prevent foaming
~ Only ever make 1 batch at a time. Doubling up tends to create jelly that will not set.
~ If juice falls under the 3 1/2 c measurment, add up to 1/2 cup of water (Kathy also recommends 1/4 cup lemon juice).
~ Add 30 seconds to last hard boil to help jelly to solidify if its coming runny.
~ Never set jars of jelly just made on the counter (always put a towel down), cool surfaces will speed the cooling and cause jars to burst.
~ Do not waterbath jelly, even though some instructions say to do so.

Well thats that on the notes.
I was inspired to experiment and wrote my ideas down on jellies I would like to create in the future.
I plan on researching
~ Flower jellies (hydrosol + sugar + gelatin)
~ Jellies made with fruit AND herbs
~ Superfood/herb jellies
(Specific combos: st. johns wort and cherry, apples and apple blossoms, rose and lavender with honey, blueberry and thyme)
~ the use of stevia or coconut sap for a low glycemic jelly
~ the use of coconut butter instead of cow butter to prevent foaming for a vegan recipe

Simply want to sign off by saying I had soooo much fun today and plan to add pictures to this post later on when I find the camera cable...

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Herbal Webinar

If you missed the webinar with Kiva Rose on Folk herbs, you can listen to the replay until the 22 here!
After the 22nd the webinar replay will only be available to HerbMentor members.

I was so excited about this webinar. Kiva Rose is a great inspiration (for me she's right up there with Susun Weed). I grabbed a mug (or 2) of tea, snuggled my cat, and had my notebook and pen ready for notes (which were unnecessary since the webinar has pdf notes available for download). I loved the recipes for evening primrose and am excited about seeing what varieties of this herb are available in my area (and planning on dehydrating some with red raspberry leaf for a uterin tonic).

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Farmer Chic

Not too much of an update today, just wanted to say I've been helping out int he garden today.
We had to re-plant, I think it was 12 rows of corn. Moles got a bunch of the corn and beans so we've replanted and hope the mole beans that were planted will mature quickly enough to do their job.
Also planted: cabbage, lettuces, parsnips, squash, zuccini, peas, cucumbers, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries.
Cherries will be ready to harvest this weekend for canning and freezing.

I'll try and take some pictures of the garden and of Kitty's flower garden, which looks absolutely amazing.

Mushrooms are all over the yard adn around the gardens. I wonder if any are edible? I'm not about to try it but it would be something good to know, considering how many there are.

Folk Herb Webinar

Sort of short notice but tonight Kiva Rose and is doing a herbal webinar tonight at 8:30 Eastern time. Check it out!

David Wolfe and SuperHerbs

David Wolfe, raw food superstar, explains superherbs and their relation to superfoods and food.

Monday, May 16, 2011

How To Make Raw Superherb Hot Chocolate

I said I'd post more info about superherbs, so here is a video that shows how to use a few superherbs and superfoods in a yummy recipe.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Monthly Herbal: Superherbs

First, sorry I haven't been doing the Monthly herbal blog posts like I was. This is due mostly to my lack of internet access, but since I moved recently and am currently staying at a home with wireless, I'll be online more often.

What's to come with I Chose Health and it's Monthly Herbal?
I recently watched a couple videos and read a few articles about SuperHerbs. What I would like to do is continue the Monthly Herbal posts but instead of with basic infomarion about every day herbs, I would like to write posts of information about each superherb, its medicinal and nutritional information, and how to prepare it.

What are Superherbs? Much like superfoods, Superherbs are herbs (plants) that are packed with nutrients and natural medicine. Some superherbs include vanilla bean, noni, horse tail and Pau D'Arco.

But where to start?
You'll see a poll on the right for 4 superherbs. The winner of the poll will the the first superherb of the month. Don't worry if your choice isn't the winner, as it will be on the list for the next vote.
Until the Monthly Herbal is chosen, I'll post some videos and links about superherbs in general, to give you an idea of what they are and why they are important.

Doctor VS Herbalist (part 3)

I liked all three videos, here's the 3rd. I recommend watching the other 2 as well.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Super Simple Shampoo

I just want everyone to know how easy it is to make your own shampoo.
Sick and tired of conventional shampoos that are filled with petroleum based fragrance and sodium laurel sulfate that strips my hair, I decided to make my own.

What you will need:
1 16 ox bottle (trya dn old shampoo bottle)
16 oz of castille soap
16 oz of hot water
1-2 tea bags of favorite smelling tea
1 mug and a funnel or small-ish glass pitcher with a spout

Split the castille soap between the original bottle and the empty bottle (this means 8 oz in each bottle for you math whizs out there).
Steep tea bag(s) in hot water in the mug or pitcher for at least 20 minutes covered.
Take out the bag(s) and pour the tea over the castille soap...
Guess what! Thats It!
Easy right?

I used unscented castille soap. Warning, check the bottle because castille soap comes in a variety of scents like tea tree, eucalyptus, peppermint and rose. If you like these scents, go for it.
I used Celestial Seasonings' Tension Tamer tea and a few drops each fennel and tea tree essential oils. This made an herbaceous smelling shampoo I am excited to use!

I already have th tea and the essential oils so I'm not sure really how to factor those into the mix.
Castille soap from the local co-op was $7.48 after tax. So, really, for organic hand-made shampoo, this was super cheap, costing about the same as 2 bottles of the chemical-laden, cheap stuff from the grocery.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Healthy Wish List

So I have a wish list of things I want for my kitchen, life, health that eventually, when I have a million dollars, I’d like to buy…or be gifted to…just saying. I also wanted to post this list to show people brands and products they might have an interest in and a little about the products from my research on them.

Hurom Juicer – now this juicer is more expensive than some of the centrifuge and Masticating juicers out there available, at almost $400. It has a 10 year warranty for the motor and the filter is reusable unlike many juicers where you have to buy fiber filters over and over again. Why this juicer? Well, I’ve seen a lot of people use them on YouTube and seen comparisons on these videos. The Hurom juices the big veggies and fruits just as easily as the softer leafy greens, which some juicers have a hard time with.

Why do I want a juicer? To juice of course! I would love to juice fast…er…feast for a week every other month or however often I feel I need. Juicing is a great way to get nutrients to your body without the body working hard to digest the fibers – the nutrients assimilates faster, simply put.

Blendtec home blender – again, this is the more expensive blender but it has a lifetime warranty and is again compared on YouTube channels and blogs with other blenders, including the Vitamix…not that I wouldn’t be happy with a Vitamix…

Blenders are a great way to process raw foods without cooking them. Many, many, many recipes for raw gourmet are made with one of these high speed blenders. I’ve even seen herbalists use these high speed blenders to make some of their lotions, balms, and other healing recipes.

Excalibur dehydrator – a more expensive dehydrator than those found at the local supermarket, however this low heat appliance has an adjustable thermostat, 10 year warranty, 5-9 trays (depending on model) at 15x15 (s0me with non-stick sheets), and a book about healthy dehydrating.

HOM Sprite, high output filtered shower head – I honestly don’t know a ton about this specific brand in comparison to other shower filters. I do know that a good shower filter won’t clog up quickly, will still allow a good about of water pressure and output, and will filter all the heavy minerals in the water including chlorine.

OmGym…because it looks hellafun! Now…I don’t have a sturdy beam nor the space to own one of these at the present but they still look like a lot of fun…imagine, a swing in your house, with the excuse of exercise equipment!

Adya Clarity water filter – I don’t know a ton about Adya Clarity but I have heard a lot about their Adya Clarity water cleanser (the liquid that when a few drops are added to tap water, solidifies all the inorganic minerals and drops them to the bottom, leaving clean, pure water). Water filters, I feel, are a necessity in today’s world. Water systems are polluted with inorganic minerals, chlorine, arsenic, and drugs (both illegal and pharmaceutical). I prefer a filter that also filters out fluoride, though many don’t, trusting the many advertisements for toothpaste that this harmful mineral is good for you.

All of these products are available and have free shipping at The Raw Food World.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Not So Lush

So I just discovered Lush in Sears/Fayette Mall this weekend (apparently its been there for 2 years and I've just walked by it everytime I've been there). I was intrigued by a store that sells so many colors and scent sof soaps, lotions, hair colors, etc and claims to be all-natural.
According to the sales associate, some of the ingredients in a few of their products are petroleum based but they are working on finding all natural and organic alternatives for the few chemical products they use. THis is good news. I grabbed their catalogue/newsletter that looks like a newspaper, and sniffed a few products before I headed out.

Well, the sales girl didn't lie. There are a few ingredients in various products that aren't natural, but the company doesn't try adn hide them. All the natural products are in green print and the chemical ones in black print throughout the catalogue. So if you want to buy a face cleanser, just look for the one without Perfume in the ingredients list (Love Lettuce mask and Angels on Bare Skin roll).
Two other things to watch for is that Lush has a few products that aren't vegan friendly (eggs and sea-shells) and a number of ingredients form other countries (for those of you who are pro-local, eco-friendly). They do have a few vegan friendly products though (their Non of Your Beeswax lip balm for example).

However, if you're looking for variety, Lush is certainly an option. They have tons of scents and colors and blends to choose from. I'm interested in trying their massage bars (with scents from relaxing lavender and neroli to stimulating black pepper and ginger) and their T'eo lemongrass deodorant.

Monday, March 14, 2011


When making the transition towards organic and detoxing my life, I had a lot of questions not only about what was healthy, but what is cheap? Like many people, I have to balance my desire for a pure lifestyle with what is reasonable.

Some of the best ways I’ve found is to be willing to make compromises. However, these need to be safe compromises. These include taking things slow. Instead of quitting all conventional cleaners and foods cold turkey, I would take things a step at a time. For every commercial cleaner I used up, I would replace it with a natural one or make a bottle of baking soda, vinegar mix. For every eyeliner I bought that wasn’t organic, I’d make sure to buy natural, organic lipstick – haha.

I did learn a few tricks though:

When it comes to buying produce, buy organic staples in the kitchen. For example, I make sure to buy organic potatoes. We eat them all the time and potatoes tend to leech toxins in the soil so easily. On the other hand I don’t stress over buying onions organic as they’ve been shown to be less likely to pull in toxins.

Here’s a short list of fruits and veggies to buy organic as they are the most likely to be filled with toxins:













Sweet Bell Peppers

A short list of non-organic produce you may not need to worry about as much:







Sweet corn, peas and potatoes




These lists are edited from the 2009 Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides.

Also to add to the list of things I’ve done to go green in the last post:

Add a bottle of water to the back of my toilet tank to prevent an unnecessary waste of water

Buy a EPEAT Gold label laptop made with recycled materials

Obtain a used, rather than new mattress

Give kudos to clubs for recycling bins

Friday, March 11, 2011

Eco Change

Many of you know I just finished reading Sleeping Naked is Green by Vanessa Farquharson. The book is hilarious, blunt and educational. Farquharson writes about life after making the decision to make 1 green step again for a year (which starts out as 365 days then ends up being 366 thanks to a Leap Year). I especially love the part about the horror of returning home to her green apartment after it has been house-sat by her very ungreen sister – it simply sounds like something that could happen to me…only replace sister with well-meaning but clumsy friend or other relative…not to name names. I also feel some sort of bond with the author over evil felines who run the household and resent any natural change forced upon them.

I mention this book not only because its one of the best green books I’ve read all year but also because its made me think about the healthy and/or green changes I’ve made over the past year and about the changes I’ve been meaning to make or try but haven’t gotten around to.

Changes I have made and am proud of:

Switching to bottled water over tap, which includes the change for my husband and my cat

Re-wearing clothes as often as possible

Re-using towels

Buying organic root vegetables

Enforcing a 1 green vegetable a day rule

Use less detergent for dishes and clothes

Use organic or eco-friendly sponges

Recycle cans and bottles as regularly as possible

Support local co-op and fair trade stores

Research local eco-friendly activities

Make my own bath and beauty products

Integrate more raw foods into my diet

Try switching to a natural cat food (and was forced to switch back after Halloween threatened to fast for her right to choose her food)

Walk to work when weather and time permits

Use organic honey gathered by Damon’s grand-father

Use organic beeswax in products

Create a healing hemp salve to use on wounds

Research and promote legal hemp agriculture in Kentucky

Rent DVDs and borrow books from library rather than buying new

Buy only used books, movies and music from Half Price Book Store

Support Raw vegan stores, educators, etc. with co-opetitions like Best of Raw and Hot Raw Chef

Commend public places for their green efforts such as recycling bins and organic choices

Insist on recycled paper when discussing publishing of new book

Eat humanely raised beef

Use ceramic pots and pans

Support eco-charities

Use incense and oil burners instead of air freshener

Meditate and promote a relaxing, natural health-style

Choose almond milk over cow’s milk

Use Pine Pollen as a health supplement

Switch to fluoride-free toothpaste

Switch to natural deodorant

Remind myself and everyone there are more important things in the world than post after post of why they hate Beiber, Twilight and Lady .

Start my own eco-friendly business

Changes I still want to try:

Go 75-100% Raw Vegan for 1 month

Switch to organic cat-litter if Halloween permits

Buy shower water filter

Research switching to bio-diesel

Invest in some handkerchiefs

Request organic alcohol when out

Invest in bicycles for outdoor dates

Buy and use recycled razors, toilet paper, paper towles, etc

Recycle all recyclables

Attend Lexington Green Drinks and some other local green activities.

Find a green job…or work for a place with green ethics

Have book picked up by a green publisher

Switch from bottled water to re-usable jugs of water refilled at Good Foods

Research fair trade or humanely, sustainably mined silver, gold and other jewelry related materials

Figure out the best way to prevent pregnancy preferably without ingesting toxins on a daily or monthly basis

Support Anima School and other eco, green, natural, etc groups.

Eat local – especially once the farmers market starts back up

Try Magnesium Calm and Adya Clarity

Try out natural dental care products and use a recycled toothbrush

Stop eating fast food all-together

Teach a class or two on how to make natural products, henna, etc.

Have an eco-charity, EcoGoth promoting club night

Ask for and give green gifts for Christmas and birthdays

Green my kitchen

Green my lighting

Invest in a personal solar panel for phone, computer, etc.

Buy only used or organic clothing

Buy a recycled rubber purse – not something I need…just think they’re cool

Only use my thermoses for water, tea and juice

Learn Mandarin…not green or anything just feel that if I post it on here I’ll be more motivated to actually do it.

Request to not receive receipt, recycle all receipts given to me.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I am sooooo lame. I haven't blogged through February and I totally forgot to post my congrats for the Best of Raw winners (which everyone was a winner for being so cool as to create the media, businesses, foods, etc and just being awesome people...I corny) and the Winners of the Living Light Hot Raw Chef Contest (actually my congrats for this was on the EcoGoth blog).

I wanted to especially congratulate Matt Monarch and Angela Stokes-Monarch for their high score votes all through the co-opetition. Their blogs were the top two, their radio show number 1, their t.v. show on YouTube came second, and their store was NUMBER 1! Wooh-hoo! I personally love The Raw Food World and order a few of my own products there (both for myself and for EcoGoth). Maybe they'll be up for another Best of Raw catagory, best retreat? I love seeing all the work they do on their property in Vilcabamba, Ecuadore.

I also wanted to send out my love to Kevin and Annamarie Gianni. I love their show and totally voted on Kevin Gianni as top raw educator because his book High Raw inspired me so greatly that I created EcoGoth and worked on my non-fiction writing more. The Renegade Health Show is great and encourages viewers not only to incorporate more raw foods into their life but also informs them that its not just about what you eat but also about what you do. The Giannis also host a number of webinars, interviews, etc. I loved the Great Health Debate that went on in February. Be sure to check them out.

Sorry I'm kind of playing favorites today on the blog. Everyone else on the Best of Raw competition is awesome of course. I mention The Raw Food World and Renegade Health couples only because they have had the most impact on me over the last year as I slowly reform my life and my health. Thanks.

Congrats also goes to Amber Shea Ford who won the Hot Raw Chef contest through Living Light. I thought she was adorable and her recipe so easy to transfer from raw gormet how to show into our own kitchens. See my full thoughts and congrats on the EcoGoth Blog.

Herbal Contraceptives

I am going to be blunt (I know, I know, nothing new here right? I mean I am the same person who wrote a whole article about constipation and the Perfect Bowel Movement...and continued this phase through a whole webinar ont he topic...I am sadly forever labeled the Poo Lady by my own family) today I am going to blog about menstruation and contraceptives.
That's right guys, I'm tlaking about my period. Men can now run for cover if you were reading at all.

There are so many ways to relieve colds, flus, aches and pains naturally in the world but when I go to ask about how to prevent pregnancy, regulate my periods (or stop them all together) I am immediately recommended a pill that has so many varieties and side effects I almost have an axiety attack over the choices. Everytime I'm around a tv that has cable (not ours) I see ad after ad for birth control and just as many ads of lawyers calling all women who have suffered from side effects of birth control to submit their cases to the courts (if they're still alive, that is). Its crazy!

I come from a background of having the worst periods in the history of woman-kind. I bled too much, had horrible pain, low iron, etc. At one point I bled off an on for three weeks straight (I was afraid I was dying by the end of it though my doctor assured me he knew of no cases of a woman bleeding to death because of her period...then again he was male...). Too much information? Yeah, however, I just want to add that I've heard story after story of other women who have had similar problems. One friend of mine spent years having to go through a box of pads a period because she bled so heavy.

On a side note I totally recommend moon pads. Yes they are reusable pads made of fabric that you can wash in your washing machine. This may sound icky but seriously? Whats ickier? A bag of used pads or tampons made up of plastics and other non-biodegradable junk going into a landfill or throwing the re-usable unmentionable in the washer with other intimates? Plus, you'll save sooo much money in the long run.
What about the moon cup? Eh...I give kudos to women who use it and love it. I have never used one. I have a friend who has and was frustrated by the inability to wash it out in public restrooms. Another friend pointed out how small it seemed and if you bleed heavy...well you get the point.

Now, I know there are many herbs out there that can be utilized ot relieve cramps, bloating, fatigue, moodiness and all the other symptoms of PMS and PMDD. I think most tea brands have at least one blend that is said to sooth even the most tempermental woman on her period. I have no issue with these blends as I have used them myself and have been happy with them.
My argument is on the lack of herbal birth control.
I'm married but that doesn't mean I'm ready to spawn. However, this doesn't mean I want a load of toxins filling my body and making me susceptable to breast cnacer, stroke, heart attack, etc.

I did some research on natural birth control. The most common suggestion is to follow your cycle and abstain from sex during your most fertile week or set of days. This is a fine suggestion for someone who is regular. I, however am not nor have I ever had a period that could really be planned on.

When researching herbal birth control I found a few sites that had articles on how research was being done, how women who used to practice or prescribe herbs to prevent pregnancy were persecuted as witches, and a number of sites that listes herbs that could indeed prevent pregnancy but also make the woman infertile forever or poison them...
So...not much info available. I followed the leads I had on the herbs suggested to prevent pregnancy and that were currently being tested. The gist of this research is in my article Herbal Contraceptives on Suite 101.

I don't plan to try any of these natural contraceptives any time soon as I'm not sure I want to risk a chance at getting pregnant. My main point is to relay the research and encourage others to look into it. Maybe if more women showed an interest then perhaps more research will be done and an herb or natural contraceptive will be proven.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Great Health Debate

Humans are the only creatures who do not know what they should be eating!

If you're on a diet for your new years resolution, you should check this out! Also, anyone should check this out who cares about health, longevity, vitality, etc. 8 or 9 days of health experts debating the pros and cons of diets from raw vegan to standard American.
I'm signed up for sure ^_^
The Great Health Debate

Thursday, January 13, 2011


My husband and I bought a new frying pan! Well Equipped Kitchen has an eco-friendly line of cookware made from ceramics.
No, we're not frying a bunch of stuff to eat, or even using the pan all that often but I did want to do a review of this pan.
It is the best frying pan my husband and I have ever used! This includes Teflon, aluminum and stainless steel pans. Nothing sticks to this thing and its so easy to clean!

Other pluses include: the pan is created petroleum product free and is Teflon free, meaning none of those little flakes of poison coming off in our food and then going into our bodies.
Ceramic cookware is also free of metals touching food, so if you're one of those people who are against metal ions effecting food, this is the cookware for you.

Another major plus is price!
We bought this pan at TJMaxx for 16.99 and this is almost half the price of the Walmart aluminum and Teflon pans! Wow!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Green Juice!

So I walked into work yesterday carrying a bottle of what looks like swamp sludge with a big smile on my face.
My co-workers looked at the bottle then at me then back and all asked the same question, "What are you drinking?"
"Green Juice!" was my happy reply. They all gave a weird face and some asked if I meant green tea. "No, Green Juice!"
I have decided to start my days off right with a green juice before I eat (usually eating around lunch time). Since I started this, I have woken up easier in the morning, I feel energized, and I've started having regular bowel movements (I know I know, you don't want to know...speaking of poop...check out this seminar on The Raw Divas this Thursday!)

What is in my green juice?
Orange juice and/or a Morning Vita Juice (orange, pineapple and papaya)
A mix of blue-green algaes (chlorella, spirulina) with barley greens
Pine pollen
And some days I add frozen raspberries but they tend to froth up the pollen even more...
Honestly, it tastes like orange juice! I even had a friend at work try it and she agreed after much frowning and acting like I was giving her poison. 

Now I use pre-made green juices or mixes as I don't own a handy dandy juicer. If I did own a juicer I'd have carrots and spinach (spinach is $2 a large bunch at Kroger!) with orange juice.

I'm also slipping my husband some nutrition with pine pollen in his O.J. ^_^

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Random Personal Update

Seeing the doctor today, which is never particularly fun for me but a necessary evil. (Yes I know that's not a good way to react to doctors on a health blog but, doctor offices and hospitals make me nervous and my mind tends to go blank so I seem like a blithering idiot...)

My health hasn't been so great lately, leading to a lil bit of a confession - I have been eating way too much junk food lately, which I am sure has lead to a minor decline in my health. Hopefully changing my diet for the better along with this doctors visit will straighten things out for me.

Sadly, I fell into the rut so many people fall in, making excuses for my poor food choices because I was busy. Its so fast and cheap to grab a bean and rice burrito from Tacohell and make the excuse that its vegetarian, or it has a green vegetable in it...Yes, I know, I need a smack on the hand and my body certainly gave me one.
Since turning Dec 16th, I have been to the Emergency Room, suffered what I guess was the flu, and have gone 2 weeks with hardly a voice to talk with.

Having recognized I have a problem, now I must look for solutions.
Problem 1: making excuses to eat food because its fast and cheap
Solution: quick and easy green juices in the morning, oh and BTW Kroger has a great deal on bundles of spinach for $2 (with tax)!
Problem 2: getting off the normal healthy routine of eating
Solution: get back on the saddle with new foods and drinks!

So no more junk and now I'm starting my morning off with a spoonful of honey for healing and about 12oz of green juice (combo of pineapple, orange, and a mix of blue-green algaes). My snacks are granola and hot tea with honey and I'm still working out my meals.

Problem 3: my husband and I have a different idea of diet
Solution: compromise with no more sodas and at least 1 green food a day (and green food coloring doesn't count).

I suppose this is a sort of new years resolution though I decided not to make any this year as I already have so much to do...BTW is up and running with its own articles and blog. Product coming soon, I just made a couple of orders from Mountain Rose Herbs and The Raw Food World and have an order for Organic Creations in the making, so samples and the beginnings of some products will be coming soon...

Another is to get in with either a belly dance, yoga or kung fu studio around here. We're looking at prices. Hubby and I just know that doing the normal exercises on our own just isn't going to cut it, we need some sort of community support. I'll let you know how that goes when we find one.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Best of Raw 2010!

Best of Raw is a site where YOU can vote the best raw products, people, places, etc.
In response to the voting...Renegade Health and The Raw Food World tv shows have done their own best of shows and I thought I'd share a bit of both with you to give you ideas of some products to try and people to research...

Best Renegade Health Products Show

Best Renegade Health People Show

Best of Raw Food World Tv Show