Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Healthy Wish List

So I have a wish list of things I want for my kitchen, life, health that eventually, when I have a million dollars, I’d like to buy…or be gifted to…just saying. I also wanted to post this list to show people brands and products they might have an interest in and a little about the products from my research on them.

Hurom Juicer – now this juicer is more expensive than some of the centrifuge and Masticating juicers out there available, at almost $400. It has a 10 year warranty for the motor and the filter is reusable unlike many juicers where you have to buy fiber filters over and over again. Why this juicer? Well, I’ve seen a lot of people use them on YouTube and seen comparisons on these videos. The Hurom juices the big veggies and fruits just as easily as the softer leafy greens, which some juicers have a hard time with.

Why do I want a juicer? To juice of course! I would love to juice fast…er…feast for a week every other month or however often I feel I need. Juicing is a great way to get nutrients to your body without the body working hard to digest the fibers – the nutrients assimilates faster, simply put.

Blendtec home blender – again, this is the more expensive blender but it has a lifetime warranty and is again compared on YouTube channels and blogs with other blenders, including the Vitamix…not that I wouldn’t be happy with a Vitamix…

Blenders are a great way to process raw foods without cooking them. Many, many, many recipes for raw gourmet are made with one of these high speed blenders. I’ve even seen herbalists use these high speed blenders to make some of their lotions, balms, and other healing recipes.

Excalibur dehydrator – a more expensive dehydrator than those found at the local supermarket, however this low heat appliance has an adjustable thermostat, 10 year warranty, 5-9 trays (depending on model) at 15x15 (s0me with non-stick sheets), and a book about healthy dehydrating.

HOM Sprite, high output filtered shower head – I honestly don’t know a ton about this specific brand in comparison to other shower filters. I do know that a good shower filter won’t clog up quickly, will still allow a good about of water pressure and output, and will filter all the heavy minerals in the water including chlorine.

OmGym…because it looks hellafun! Now…I don’t have a sturdy beam nor the space to own one of these at the present but they still look like a lot of fun…imagine, a swing in your house, with the excuse of exercise equipment!

Adya Clarity water filter – I don’t know a ton about Adya Clarity but I have heard a lot about their Adya Clarity water cleanser (the liquid that when a few drops are added to tap water, solidifies all the inorganic minerals and drops them to the bottom, leaving clean, pure water). Water filters, I feel, are a necessity in today’s world. Water systems are polluted with inorganic minerals, chlorine, arsenic, and drugs (both illegal and pharmaceutical). I prefer a filter that also filters out fluoride, though many don’t, trusting the many advertisements for toothpaste that this harmful mineral is good for you.

All of these products are available and have free shipping at The Raw Food World.

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