Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Raw Debate!!!

This is a wonderful debate between Brigitte Mars and Susun Weed, both are held in high esteem among natural living and healing promoters.
This is a 6 part program and above is #5. I recommend that you watch all 6, I simply wanted to share a piece of it.

My question to my readers!
How do you feel about raw after watching this video?

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tom's of Maine

So my fiance and I started to look into natural personal care products after the Coptic conference where we learned about a few things that were bad for us, specifically Flouride like that found in toothpaste.
For those of you that don't know, Flouride builds a crust around the pinneal gland in the brain. The pinneal gland controls the pituitary gland which in turn effects the by enameling the pinneal you can cause thyroid problems and many other yucky things.

I was a little worried about flouride poisoning my body because after years of intensive dental care, I was drinking flouride water a lot, not to mention its in tap water and using flouride toothpaste.

So when my man and I went grocery shopping for things like toilet paper and shampoo, we looked to see what non-flouride toothpaste there were to be had and found Tom's of Maine flouride free natural toothpaste!
It's a little more expensive than Crest or the other brands, but when you're not buying it every day or week and it's for your health, the few extra bucks don't seem like a lot.

I've tried it for about 2 months now and love it. The peppermint flavor seems to last longer than my last brands of toothpaste and my teeth are actually a little whiter (but this could be a combo of the toothpaste and that I've stopped drinking coffee).

This last shopping trip, I bought Tom's of Maine natural deodorant in Citrus. Its a roller bottle kind so its a little wetter than the Axe we've been using.

Why have I been using Axe (and yes, I am a female)
Well, some time last year I had a bad allergic reaction to both Secret and Suave deodorants. I broke out in red bumps and welts on my underarms and inner legs where I had used the deodorant to help keep my thighs from sticking when I wore a skirt (a little trick for us voluptuous types).
My skin felt irritated and I looked to see the reaction and stopped using those two brands immediately. So I had to find another alternative and started using my fiance's deodorant, Axe. When I had no break outs it became my norm and the smell isn't bad and noone seemed to notice I smell a little like my man...

Anyways, after that anecdote...
Tom's deodorant is awesome too! I've worn it at work where I'm in a sweat box all day running around and I have found that I'm not stinky nor is there any strong citrus odor, which is cool. I also have less shaving bumps when I use it after shaving.

So, to sum it all up, try out Tom's deodorant and toothpaste! I haven't tried their mouthwash, soap, or floss yet but plan to.
Their site is also cool, sorta gives their ethics in business and why they do what they do, which they do well.
Tom's of Main

Aruyveda and Raw Food

I am currently reading High Raw by Kevin Gianni

and watching his show on YouTube The Renegade Health Show (which I love). I am also still reading Prakriti by Dr. Svaboda and never considered a combo of Aruyveda and Raw diets until today when I watched Kevin interview Dr. Gabriel Cousens:

Definately worth watching and an interesting topic.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

How to Find Good Essential Oils

I have been asked by several people where and how to find good essential oils.
Now, I am no oil expert. I do not claim to be. I am simply a student of herbalism and aromatherapy. What I know about essential oils is self taught through experience and books.
That being said, here is what I learned:

First, oils are expensive because they are expensive to make. It takes pounds and pounds of plant material to make one little bottle of oil. If an oil is cheap, I would question why because it might be cut with other materials.

Ways to know if an oil is pure:

Know the scientific name.
Make sure that the oil you are looking at is the actual essential oil needed. Sometimes, there will be two oils of the same name but different scientific name and different properties. Take Lavender for example. There are many different types of Lavender but only Lavendula augustifolia is considered True Lavender and is the best to use in aromatherapy. However, Lavendula inermis, a type of lavender known for its long lasting flowers and coloring, are used to make a cheaper version of lavender oil.

Make sure you are buying Essential Oil:
Oils are a big business as Better Homes and Gardens and similair magazines show celebrity secrets of how they keep their homes smelling lovely. You can find oils to scent yourself and your home everywhere from Walmart ot Pier1 (they aren't just found at head shops anymore).
This does lead to a small problem in that many people buy fragrance oils thinking they are obtaining essential oil and visa versa.
Read the Labels!
Another few words to look for on the labels is therapeutic or pharmaceutical grade. If the bottle does not have these words, do not use them for aromatherapy.

How to test oils:
you can test essential oils by putting a drop on a piece of white paper and let dry. If there is a residue then the oil has been cut or polished with other material.

I am also frequently asked where to buy oils.
This is a tricky question as there is no one place I can point out and say They have the best of all of them! I haven't tried ever oil seller and cannot pretend to know.
However, here is what I do:
I buy local so I can ask the vendor about their oils and get a specific amount of what I want. Recently, I bought 1.5 drams of Rose oil from Dillys in Elizabethton, TN. I wanted the smallest bottle they had and without the roller ball they have for the oils used on skin. The proprietor was happy to oblige and even gave me a discount.
I also have a little secret for buying Tea Tree oil and have decided to disclose it to the public:
Walmart has pharmaceutical grade Tea Tree Oil 2 fl. 0z for just $8!!!! Its excellent and I've used it on wounds, bites, and a face wash thet cuts through fast food grease!

My best advice is look around you, READ, research, and test. Don't stress over it too much of course, especially if you are only using the oil to scent your home.
Go for what you like best, what feels right for you. Don't worry about what a book or ad says is hte best oil out there.

Easy ways to remove Toxins from your life!

Most people find it difficult to switch to an All-organic diet or change out all their chemical cleaners for lemon juice, white vinegar, and baking soda. Here are a few ways to make the first step towards healthy living without cutting out all inorganics and non-green cold turkey:

Use unbleached coffee filters.
Bleached coffee filters contain Dioxin from the bleaching process, which is a chemical that, among other nasty things, worsens ailments such as endometriosis. Your filter doesnt have to be bleached for you to use it (it turns coffee brown anyways) and unbleach filters can be found right next to the bleached ones in the coffee isle of your regular supermarket.

Drink filtered or bottled water.
Studies show that the chlorine in city water leads to cancer of the bladder and rectum. There are a lot of toxins in tap water (not the least of which is Flouride which enamels the pinneal gland). Drinking water in general aids the body in ridding itself of toxins, so make sure you're not adding toxins to your system instead of removing them.

Lower your Sugar and Caffiene intake.
Caffiene, accordin to Dr. Robert E. Svaboda, is a credit card that the body cannot pay. Caffiene is also one of the those excitotoxins in the media lately (akin to MSG and Apsartame). Caffiene also destroys good bacteria in the digestive system, allowing fungus and parasites to grow (like Candida).
After lowering or cutting out caffiene intake, the body balances itself out (yes there will be headaches at first but they will go away in a week or so). You will certianly find a change for the better in sleep, attitude, and energy.
Sugar is certainly not healthy for those with diabetes and other similair problems. There is a lot of literature out talking about the dangers of sugar's processsing including bleaching (so use raw sugar when you can!). Sugar is also food for Kapha (for those of you reading Prakriti by Svaboda) and bad bacteria (Candida), allowing its growth in the body.

Cut out the Aspartame!
Aspartame is poison, plain and simple.
The FDA alone counts 92 serious side-effects!
Check out DORway for more issues attributed to this chemical that creates formaldyhide in the body.
Apsartame is found in sweeteners, sodas, even yogurt! Just read the labels.
If you can't use sugar or honey but don't want aspartame poisoning and still desire that sweet taste in your tea, try Stevia. Its a safe herb thats been used for years.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Monthly Herbal: Lavender Shopping!

To tie up my monthly herbal I wanted to point out the Lavender shops in my area (Tri-Cities, TN and local).

Scott County Lavender in Jonesborough, TN specializes in all things Lavender including pet beds and soaps. They were also a major part of the Jonesborough Lavender festival this year (which I sadly missed). I hope they continue with the festival and their shop. You can smell them up the street, I swear!

I found that there is another Lavender Festival in Oak Ridge, TN (near Kentucky) that occurs in June. This year's was "the best yet" with food, over 90 vendors, and presentations on everything from Naturopathic medicine and yoga to Cooking with herbs. Maybe I'll check it out next year too.

I also came across The Lavender Cottage , based out of Greeneville, TN in my search. While having nothing to do with the herb, this etsy shop does have a lot of nature inspired jewelry.

Two Trees and Healing

Chief Two Trees is a well kown healer in the Appalachian region and to any reader of Raymon Grace's books.
I had not heard of him until tonight as I sat talking with my soon-to-be mother-in-law about herbal healing.
Chief Two Trees treated my fiance and his sister as children when they were suffering from worms and allopathic doctors of the area could/would not help. Their mother took them to Two Trees who knew immediately what the problem was as soon as he set eyes on her two children.
He prescribed a list of remedies including Sorbic Acid and Swedish Bitters. Within days, both my fiance and his sister were worm free.

Two Trees also treated the family for shingles with a remedy involving urine that I'm not sure I'd be brave enough to try but worked to cure the ailment within hours.

I am told that there might be the startings of a book by Two Trees that was never finished due to his death in 1995. I'll be checking with the local college to see if they have any more information on this work.

The point of this post is that there are many people who have been treated with natural remedies and haven't thought much of it (my fiance never even thought to mention the above to me before). I am grateful to my mother-in-law-to-be for having written down these remedies and letting me copy them into my own journal for later research and use (hopefully I won't ever need to use them myself).

Thursday, June 24, 2010

My MILK Problem

I want to start out by saying I don't like Milk, never have so I in my research I am trying not to bias my facts by leaning towards studies showing that milk is unhealthy.

In Ayurveda, according to Dr. Robert E. Svaboda, Milk is the perfect food. Milk is the only food given willingly and with love (as it is a mother giving milk to a child, normally). In some Ayurvedic medicine, milk is the only substance given to someone suffering Vata-type illness. (Milk is not for those with a lot of Kapha in their system). Svaboda also recommends that Milk never be drunk cold (cold drinks and food slow the digestive process) and is best for those with strong digestive fire (Pitta).

Gisella Hoffman, and many other people who study nutrition and health, do not recommend milk, indeed they believe that it is unhealthy for adult humans to drink milk at all!
Cow's milk is made for an animal with 4 stomachs (not 1 like humans).
In Nature, milk is not meant for adult use at all, only for babes who cannot find nourishment for themselves.

As for the nutritional value of processed milk?
Hormones given to cows are proven to not be that great for human consumption.
Many people advocate the use of organic, non-pasteurized milk (milk straight from the cow in other words). However, this form of the milk can cause other illnesses such as parasites in the body (i.e. tapeworms).

Milk in general is praised for its Calcium and Vitamin D, but what about other sources?

Calcium Sources:
Sesame seeds, seaweed, dulse, kelp, green/leafy vegetables, almond (I do like Almond Milk), filbert, brazilnut, citrus peel, and sunflower seeds.

Vitamin D:

What have you found in health and education lectures, magazines, documentaries, etc about Milk?
What is your opinion about milk, how its processed, its nutritional value?
Do you like milk?


Definitions according to Dr. Robert E Svaboda

Food: that which nourishes the body, mind and spirit
Medicine: improves digestion to enchance nourishment
Poison: that which impedes digestion and disturbs nourishment.

Any substance can act as Food, Medicine or Poison.

Are you eating food or poison?
Does that cheese burger and fries nourish the body mind or spirit? Do you feel good after eating it or do you feel heavy with indigestion, fatigue, poisoned?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Becoming an Herbal Healer

I just recieved my first class (1 of 22) from Herbal Healer Academy in the mail this morning!!!

The box contained not only my course packet but also the Herbal Healer catalogue I requested, sales papers, my Herbal Healer lifetime membership card, a complimentory packet on Essaic and many other helpful articles, and a Relaxing bath herbs and a cotton bag for them (I smell lavender!).

I can't wait to get started!

One part of my course is book reports. I have to read the
Secret Life of Plants

The rest of my reading will consist of 4 books of my choosing.
I think I have decided to use
Dr. Robert E. Svaboda's Prakriti

As for the other 3 I am pretty open.
I know I want at least one of them to be an aromatherapy book.

I am totally open to suggestions and would love for any of you to give me ideas. Just comment the book title and authro and why I should read it!

Love and Light,
Happy Chick
aka Soon-to-be Herbalist

P.s. trying out this amazon associates thing through blogger. I'm hoping it will make it easier for me to point out books and the like for you all. Tell me what you think of it too.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Flea Repellent!

I was asked the other day by a dear friend and fellow pet owner, how to keep fleas off our furry friends naturally.
The post is a little over due but i'm sure the information will still be enjoyed.

Lavender, our herb of the month, is not only a good bug repellent on humans, but is a Flea repellent on animals too!

The Joys of Lavender also has an article on lavender flea repellent.
In the article they give a few facts about fleas and why they are harmful to your pets. They also give a recipe:
Basic flea control shampoo for pets with fleas.
12 ounces water
1 tablespoons of castile soap
2 drops of peppermint essential oil
2 drops of eucalyptus essential oil
2 drops of lavender essential oil
2 drops of rosemary essential oil
Or whatever ones you have of these essential oils.combine ingredients in a jar. Shake well. Dampen your pet. add enough shampoo to make a lather and work. Rinse off well.

I have not tried any lavender flea repellent (or any flea repellent at all) on Halloween, my cat, yet but will let you know when I do and the results.

Let me know your repellent recipes, pet herbalism, etc!
Also, feel free to ask questions. I promise that if I don't know the answer, I will find one for you!

Health in the Fast Food Industry

Many of us, no matter how health concious and natural living we are, have to get by with jobs that don't necessarily reflect our lifestyles, like working in the fast food industry.

Below is a list of ways to help stay healthy not only in fast food jobs but in any job.

Nikki Goldstein in her book Essential Energy gives a recipe for the
Stressed Out Employee Blend:
2 drops rosemary
1 drop roman chamomile
1 drop geranium
2 drops lemon
1 drop sandalwood
Mix the above drops of essential oils in 1/2 fl oz of sweet almond or evening primrose carrier oil.
This blend can be applied on the body as a massage, used in a bath, or diffused in an office.
For fast food employees, perhaps keep a hanky dabbed with this oil in your pocket or locker, pull out and inhale when needed/able.

Eating in the fast food industry...
Many workers in the fast food industry find themselves eating where they work for many reasons:
Sometimes its even free.

So how to stay healthy when eating junk?
If you are eating at work, try eating the healthy options. Wendies has mandarin oranges instead of fries, most places have salads, and if neither are available, try the common chicken sandwhich.
Opt out when it comes to sauces. Ketchup, mayonaise, even mustard add unnecessary fats and processed ingredients to your meal.
Opt in for veggies. Load your sandwhich with lettuce, tomato and onion.
Do Not drink the sodas! Opt for water, milk, or juice.

When eating:
Pray over your food. In I Chose Happiness, I discuss the health of prayer in many posts nad would like to reiterate here. Prayer has been scientifially proven to have relaxing and healing effects. Even if its just a simple thanks for the food or an acknowledgement of what you are about to recieve, its worth the few moments.
Eat slowly, allow your stomach time to accept and digest what you're putting in it.
Think about the food, the animal it came from, the fields the veggies were grown in, the way it was made even. This knowledge will allow the brain to process just as much as the stomach.

When you can, Bring your lunch to work.
Pack a brown bag or a reusable tote with a healthy lunch. Not only is it better for you but your fellow employees will get jealous (I've had several coworkers drool over my dried fruit and crisp veggies then look at their hamburgers in disgust).

Mental Health in the Workplace:
Don't spend the time before work dreading the hours about to come. This will only put you in a bad mood and mindset that will form the rest of your day.
Don't watch the clock while you are at work. This will make the day seem like it lasts forever.
Smile! A good attitude not only will make you feel better, but could brighten the day of a coworker, boss, or customer.

Loosing Weight with Auryveda

This is a copy of a post I made a few months ago on I Chose Happiness.
I'm sorry for those of you who have already read this, but maybe you can refresh yourselves a bit with the information provided.

Permanent weight loss can only occur when the body's fat ideal is lowered.
Auryveda believes that speeding up the body's organism in healthy ways to lose weight. It controls the Vata while relieving the system of excess Kapha. By using excercise, natural supplements, and non-Kapha-producing foods in a process that is slower than most dieters prefer. They definitely believe the idea of haste makes waste.

If you are morbidly obese you weight loss needs to be under the guidance of a competent professional.

Symptoms of being overweight:
Pendulous belly, breasts, and buttocks
Panting for breath after mild exertion
Profuse perspiration when it is not hot
Excess thirst, especially at night
Intense food cravings
Prolonged but unsatisfying sleep
Unpleasant body odor
Inflammation where skin folds rub against each other
Generalized body ache
Loss of sexual appetite
Lack of enthusiasm for living

If you do not suffer from many of these symptoms then you should not attempt "heroic attempts to loose weight."
Focus instead on bringing your body into balance.

Affluence of the mind causes obesity. Once the mind overcomes boredom and eating out of boredom then transformation can begin.
Transformation needs to be your goal, not loosing weight. Reducing weight happens naturally with transformation of mind and habits.

Spring is the best time to begin but any time is a good time, even if it is beginning again.
Every attempt will benefit you, if it is sincere.
Eventually, you are bound to succeed.

Exercise is important for permanent weight-loss. Continual, moderate exercise is better than vigorous exertion. However it suits you, you must get your body moving.

Oversleeping is a significant cause of being overweight. To reduce weight, go to bed and wake up at the same time every day. After a month of a regularized sleep patter, reduce your sleep by half an hour.
Except when ill, no one should sleep longer than eight hours a night. Some people can go with six hours, others need seven or eight.

Eat foods according to your Prakriti or constitution. These can be found on auryvedic websites or in books like Prakriti by Dr. Robert E. Svoboda.
Auryvedics recommend fasting once a week according to your constitution. Some recommend fasting or Juice fasting at the beginning of your diet. You can find an article on juice fasting in my list of websites.

Slow down while eating. think about the food n our plate. Let all five senses prepare for what you're about to consume. Some people count to three after each bite. Make sure the previous bite is consumed before taking another.
Stop eating when full.

Keep a journal of what you eat to help be conscious of the foods you digest. Make a menu of your meals before you eat. All too often we eat without thinking, this allows awareness of our eating habits.

Lusting after food can actually add fat to your body. Instead of fantasizing about food, take a walk, chew sugar-free gum, or drink herbal tea.
Turn off the Food Network and other shows about food!

Reward yourself!
When you've done one of the above for a week, reward yourself by the intake f Sweet through another sense. Get a strenuous massage (deep tissue massages aid in ridding yourself of Kapha). Listen to sweet sounding music.
Never punish yourself for backsliding!
Punishment for failure reduces hope, reinforces guilt, and ruins self-image.

Most importantly, whenever and whatever you eat, enjoy yourself. Think about your food and enjoy it. Don't stress over how many calories you're eatin during or even after you've ate it!

avoid the following Kapha-producing foods:
Beef, pork, butter, cheese, ice cream, sour cream, wheat products, white sugar and products containing it, alcohol, fried foods, junk food, fast food, and all excessively sour or salty foods like pickles and chips.

It is most important to focus on your constitution. All Doshas and dhatus, including Fat, must be healthy to loose weight.
Change your diet gradually; speed and extremes will only cause failure and unhealthy lifestyles.
Do not salt your foods. If you crave salt, us light salt or kelp powder.
Avoid sweeteners but allow yourself regular use of honey (do not cook it). Honey has a fat-reducing effect.
Take fiber when you crave sweets. Fiber helps the body balance itself in response to sweet cravings.
Do not reduce carbohydrates. The body needs them to reduce fat.

Try not to eat after sunset.
Eliminate all cold drink and food. Cold creates Kapha, this is why we get colds in the winter.

Reduce the amount that you eat. Kapha constitutions should wait 6 hours between meals, 2 at the least.
Drink water when thirsty but 6-8 glasses is not mandatory like most physicians and nutritionists would insist. Warm to hot water or herbal tea melts fat.

Some auryvedics recommend vitamin supplements. Talk to your physician before taking a regular supplement!

Many auryvedics recommend flushing the system with castor oil before you begin your diet and follow this with fasting. Again, talk to your physician before doing this.


Prakriti by Dr. Robert E. Svaboda
What's Your Dosha by Lissa Coffey

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Monthly Herbal: Lavender 4

Herb Companion is full of useful articles.

Keeping the month's herb in mind, I was browsing the main page and up popped an article by Lemon Verbena Lady about what else? Lavender!

Now is the Time to Prune Lavender is a good article talking about the heat, trimming back lavender, drying and a yummy recipe, Lavender Lemonade!!!

Also, check out her blog here on Blogger!
There you will see her lovely lavender photos as well as other pretty plant pictures.

I can't wait to try out that lemonade recipe!

Oil Distillation!

I've always been curious as to how oils are produced. I know they come from a plant and are distilled and the oil is seperated from the hydrosol. That is about all I could say when I first started wondering.

In my research I have found that there are actually many different ways to create essential oil.
Maceration, an ancient method which impregnantes fat with floral scents and the fat is used in things like ancient Egyptian pomades and cosmetics.
Enfleurage is the prcess of soaking the plants in oil and then heating it until the plant's essential oil is in the carrier.
Expression is used exclusively for citrus oils to press out the oils from the peels.
Solvent extracts is used for sensitive fragrances with low yeilds. Its a complicated process involving low boiling point solvents and grain alcohol.
Synthetics...made in a lab...
Steam distillation is the most common form.
Below is a series of videos from YouTube about how to creat LAVENDER essential oil, in keeping with this month's herbal theme.

Stills can be bought at
Buying a still can be a bit pricy.
For home use, if you're handy or have a handy friend, there are a lot of sites that explain how to create your own still using items found at your local Lowe's.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Monthly Herbal: Lavender 3

I'mv very excited to post today because I have found a whole website devoted to LAVENDER! How exciting is that?

The Joys of Lavender is a site that gives information, craft ideas, and body care ideas that all have to do with lavender.
I would like to echo their home page first sentence:
"If I could have only one plant or one essential oil, it would be lavender."
I totally agree as I'm sure my reader's can tell.

Check out their site and my previous posts on lovely lavender. If you have any lavender sites, crafts, info that you would like to share, comment please!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Household Cleaning

When I sat for a lecture on Curing Dis-Ease by Gisella Hoffman earlier this year, one of the points that she offered (there were so many including a scolding for all of us using aspartame and high fructose corn syrup) was an anecdote about a patient of hers suffering with cancer.
One of the things Hoffman told this client to do is rid her house of chemical cleaners. She told us all that we coudl easily clean our homes with lemon juice, baking soda and white vinegar rather than these chemical cleaners that not only kill pets and cause serious illness for children but can cause all kinds of problems for the cleaning home owners.

Herb Companion offers a variety of cleaning recipes to use in the home combining things like tea tree and lavender oil, lemons, and herbs.
Make Your Own Natural Cleaners is a must read for home owners/cleaners not wanting those horrible toxins.

Monthly Herbal: Lavender 2

As I said before, I love, love, love lavender!

Here is a video posted by GardenGuy06
The beginning information about pruning lavender is very handy for those of you that garden and grow lavender.
The wreath is gorgeous and I definately would like to make one if I can ever get my hands on the supplies, including that much lavender. I bet it smells divine too.

Another YouTube search engine find. This video shows soem at home creations that are great alternatives to those chemical filled products at the supermarket.

"Herbalism Doesn't Work"

I hear a lot of people tell me that herbalism and natural remedies simply do not work. (Actually, I hear more that it is all simply Hippie BS).
When I hear this, I work to understand why they believe this.
For many, it is simply the faithful belief in allopathic or Western medicine. It's what they were raised with (doctor's offices, Nyquil and aspirin). This breaks my heart in that I see it as a complete separation not only from healthy living but from the earth (which we are the stewards of).
Others have tried herbal remedies and feel that these treatments did not work.

Herbs on the Hudson posted an article by Marguerite Dunne, MA:
Six Reasons Why Herbal Remedies Fail.

I won't post the whole article, you can find it by clicking the link above.
I do want to point out a few key points in the article that I feel are very important.

Firstly, when taking an herbal treatment, be sure to FOLLOW THROUGH! Like antibiotics, herbal remedies need to be taken until the sickness is past or the herbalist tells you to stop.
Also, herbs are not meant for instant response. Western medicine feeds on our desire for instant gratifications. By suppressing hte symtpoms, we feel like we are better, but in reality we are suppressing our body's healing ability.

Second, just as it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a group to change a lifestyle. If a person is trying to become healthy through herbalism and recieves negative responses from their loves ones, they will be hindered in their path and may not heal.
Encourage your loved ones. If what they are doing is for betterment and health, then dont' hinder their research and growth.
(I'd like to take this moment to thank my family, fiance, and friends for their support. Love you all.)

Third, many people make the mistake of either not seeking medical help (allopathic or naturpopathic) or not giving their medical professional the whole truth of the problem.
Do Not treat a serious condition without medical advice. Seek a doctor or a natural healer of your choice. Be sure in both instances to find someone of good reputations and who you can trust.
Tell them the whole of the problem. Most medical professionals have heard it all and will not blush at what you have to tell them. Besides, without knowing the problem, the cannot help you to the full extent of their abilities.
Also, if you are seeing both a alternative healer and a allopathic doctor, be sure they both know about the other and what you are doing as far as treatment. Some herbs will effect other medicines and visa versa. Sometimes the combination can make the condition worse or even kill.

There's my rant for the day.
I guess the point is be educated and safe. Research everything including your doctor. Also, give support to your loved ones.

Love and Light,
Happy Chick

Monday, June 14, 2010

Tea, Tea, Oh Beautiful Tea!

I've mentioned tea in my Happiness blog:
Would You Like a Spot of Tea? has a series of herbal lessons on
Below is their Making Tea video:

I cannot express how much I love tea and how much healthier tea is over sodas, coffee, sugary juices, etc.

Some tea companies I adore:

Sweet Leaf Tea
Sweet Leaf has a variety of ORGANIC cold teas that can be found at the local gas station or Kroger. My personal favorite is their Mint & Honey Green Tea and their Citrus Green Tea. All of their teas have a clean, refreshing taste without too much sugar and no aftertaste!

Yogi Organic Teas
Check out their Discover Your Perfect Tea page that suggests teas by Mood, Flavor and Purpose! They have a variety of Chai tea, which I find very yummy as well as teas that aid in a variety of daily problems from respiratory issues to PMS!

Monthly Herbal: Lavender

Part of this blog to be to present and herb/oil monthly so as to introduce readers to its properties and health benefits.

I wanted to start with Lavender because of 2 reasons:
1. Lavender is my favorite essential oil and scent. I use it to relax, to smell good, to heal burns, and much more. It is also one of my favorite colors.
2. Lavender is considered by many to be an essential herb to know and use because of it's ability to be used in almost any issue.

The Herb
Lavender (Lavendula spp.)
Folk Names: Elf Leaf, Nardus.
The name comes from the Latin lavere "to wash." It is believed that the herb recieved this name due to its cleansing qualities and use in the Roman baths.

Lavender is from the Mint family and has many, many species. The best to use is Lavendula augustifolia or "True Lavender."

The plant is an evergreen shrub (reachign 3 ft.) with purple flowers (note the term Lavender for a light shade of purple).
Lavender grows in its native land along the Mediterannean but is also cultivated in England, Bulgaria, and Yugoslavia.

Safety Information
Lavender is considered safe to use both on the skin and inside the body.
However, some studies suggest that use of lavender on young boys may cause development of breast tissue.

As a scent
Perfume note: Middle/Top
It combines well with bergamot, cedarwood, chammomile, clary sage, fennel, geranium, grapefruit, jasmin, lemon, myrrh, neroli, patchouli, rose, rosemary, sandalwood, tea tree, and yland-ylang oils.

Use the oil when:
Angry, Anxious, in need of Balance, when Grieving, for Insomnia, Irritable, when Nervous, when feeling Obsessive, and when Stressed.

Try a blend:
Euphoric Blend: 3 drops lavender, 2 drops orange, 3 drops clary sage, and 2 drops ylang-ylang.
Pampering Blend: 3 drops rose, 3 drops neroli, and 3 drops lavender.

Lavender addresses:
Acne, asthma, a nervous disposition, bronchitis, burns, convalescense, damaged skin, exhaustion, frustration, impatience, insomnia, irritability, headaches, painful periods, psorisis, respiratory complaints, wounds and so much more.

Lavender was first discovered to heal burns by Gattefosse when he was working in his perfume lab in France. It is said he burned his hand and instinctively dunked his hand in a vat of lavender essential oil.
I have used lavender oil (a mix of the essential oil in a base oil) on sun burns not only on myself but on my fiance and his 3yo cousin. It works quite well without the stickiness of aloe vera.

Ooh La La Herb
Lavender is also said to attract men.
I use lavender as a perfume when going on dates with my fiance.
A friend of mine knows that when she wears lavender it drives her man wild (so of course she wears it all the time)!

Breathe Deep and Relax.
This purple herb is also the herb for peace, relaxation, and spirituality.
Incense companies have created several mixes using dried lavender, lavender oil, and resin to burn for meditation, relaxation, and destressing.

I personally recommend lavender massages (try the pampering blend above). The scent is very relaxing and a massage is a great way to slough off the stress. You can give yourself a massage by rubbing the oil on your feet, hands, neck/head or you can opt to trade massages with your honey ^_~

Why does lavender work?
Lavender is not only an antibacterial, but also an antiseptic, antiviral, and antifungal. It is one of the few herbs that will not irritate the skin (not even in essential oil form) or cause problems if ingested. Plus, it smells good!
It is also one of the few essential oils you can put directly on a wound! Try using on burns, scraps, insect bites, and acne.

Women's Aid
Lavender helps with PMS. It is a calming herb that will balance out moodiness and agitation. Use a lavender massage on the feet, lower back, and belly for cramping and Premenstual syndrome. Also add to a hot compress to ease cramps.
It can also be used in a feminine deodorant.

Guys too!
Try using lavender oil for athletes foot! Spray a mix of lavender oil, alcohol, and water in your shoes and on your feet. Not only will it relieve your feet of that terrible itching but you won't gag when you remove your shoes.

Bibliography and Suggested Reading:

Essential Energy by Nikki Goldstein
This book is great for anyone interested in aromatherapy and healing with oils. Not only does it give basic oil info but also the history behind using essential oils and recipes for oil blends.

Body, Mind and Spirit by Mark Evans
The aromatherapy section give pictoral aid for different ways to use oils. THis book not only has aromatherapy and herbalism aid but also information on homeopathy, massage, reflexology, yoga, shiatsu, the alexadrian technique, meditation, and auryveda.


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