Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Becoming an Herbal Healer

I just recieved my first class (1 of 22) from Herbal Healer Academy in the mail this morning!!!

The box contained not only my course packet but also the Herbal Healer catalogue I requested, sales papers, my Herbal Healer lifetime membership card, a complimentory packet on Essaic and many other helpful articles, and a Relaxing bath herbs and a cotton bag for them (I smell lavender!).

I can't wait to get started!

One part of my course is book reports. I have to read the
Secret Life of Plants

The rest of my reading will consist of 4 books of my choosing.
I think I have decided to use
Dr. Robert E. Svaboda's Prakriti

As for the other 3 I am pretty open.
I know I want at least one of them to be an aromatherapy book.

I am totally open to suggestions and would love for any of you to give me ideas. Just comment the book title and authro and why I should read it!

Love and Light,
Happy Chick
aka Soon-to-be Herbalist

P.s. trying out this amazon associates thing through blogger. I'm hoping it will make it easier for me to point out books and the like for you all. Tell me what you think of it too.

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  1. Congratulations!! I am LOVING my HHA courses on the N.D. track - glad to have you as a fellow student:)