Saturday, June 26, 2010

Easy ways to remove Toxins from your life!

Most people find it difficult to switch to an All-organic diet or change out all their chemical cleaners for lemon juice, white vinegar, and baking soda. Here are a few ways to make the first step towards healthy living without cutting out all inorganics and non-green cold turkey:

Use unbleached coffee filters.
Bleached coffee filters contain Dioxin from the bleaching process, which is a chemical that, among other nasty things, worsens ailments such as endometriosis. Your filter doesnt have to be bleached for you to use it (it turns coffee brown anyways) and unbleach filters can be found right next to the bleached ones in the coffee isle of your regular supermarket.

Drink filtered or bottled water.
Studies show that the chlorine in city water leads to cancer of the bladder and rectum. There are a lot of toxins in tap water (not the least of which is Flouride which enamels the pinneal gland). Drinking water in general aids the body in ridding itself of toxins, so make sure you're not adding toxins to your system instead of removing them.

Lower your Sugar and Caffiene intake.
Caffiene, accordin to Dr. Robert E. Svaboda, is a credit card that the body cannot pay. Caffiene is also one of the those excitotoxins in the media lately (akin to MSG and Apsartame). Caffiene also destroys good bacteria in the digestive system, allowing fungus and parasites to grow (like Candida).
After lowering or cutting out caffiene intake, the body balances itself out (yes there will be headaches at first but they will go away in a week or so). You will certianly find a change for the better in sleep, attitude, and energy.
Sugar is certainly not healthy for those with diabetes and other similair problems. There is a lot of literature out talking about the dangers of sugar's processsing including bleaching (so use raw sugar when you can!). Sugar is also food for Kapha (for those of you reading Prakriti by Svaboda) and bad bacteria (Candida), allowing its growth in the body.

Cut out the Aspartame!
Aspartame is poison, plain and simple.
The FDA alone counts 92 serious side-effects!
Check out DORway for more issues attributed to this chemical that creates formaldyhide in the body.
Apsartame is found in sweeteners, sodas, even yogurt! Just read the labels.
If you can't use sugar or honey but don't want aspartame poisoning and still desire that sweet taste in your tea, try Stevia. Its a safe herb thats been used for years.

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