Monday, June 14, 2010

Tea, Tea, Oh Beautiful Tea!

I've mentioned tea in my Happiness blog:
Would You Like a Spot of Tea? has a series of herbal lessons on
Below is their Making Tea video:

I cannot express how much I love tea and how much healthier tea is over sodas, coffee, sugary juices, etc.

Some tea companies I adore:

Sweet Leaf Tea
Sweet Leaf has a variety of ORGANIC cold teas that can be found at the local gas station or Kroger. My personal favorite is their Mint & Honey Green Tea and their Citrus Green Tea. All of their teas have a clean, refreshing taste without too much sugar and no aftertaste!

Yogi Organic Teas
Check out their Discover Your Perfect Tea page that suggests teas by Mood, Flavor and Purpose! They have a variety of Chai tea, which I find very yummy as well as teas that aid in a variety of daily problems from respiratory issues to PMS!

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