Monday, June 21, 2010

Health in the Fast Food Industry

Many of us, no matter how health concious and natural living we are, have to get by with jobs that don't necessarily reflect our lifestyles, like working in the fast food industry.

Below is a list of ways to help stay healthy not only in fast food jobs but in any job.

Nikki Goldstein in her book Essential Energy gives a recipe for the
Stressed Out Employee Blend:
2 drops rosemary
1 drop roman chamomile
1 drop geranium
2 drops lemon
1 drop sandalwood
Mix the above drops of essential oils in 1/2 fl oz of sweet almond or evening primrose carrier oil.
This blend can be applied on the body as a massage, used in a bath, or diffused in an office.
For fast food employees, perhaps keep a hanky dabbed with this oil in your pocket or locker, pull out and inhale when needed/able.

Eating in the fast food industry...
Many workers in the fast food industry find themselves eating where they work for many reasons:
Sometimes its even free.

So how to stay healthy when eating junk?
If you are eating at work, try eating the healthy options. Wendies has mandarin oranges instead of fries, most places have salads, and if neither are available, try the common chicken sandwhich.
Opt out when it comes to sauces. Ketchup, mayonaise, even mustard add unnecessary fats and processed ingredients to your meal.
Opt in for veggies. Load your sandwhich with lettuce, tomato and onion.
Do Not drink the sodas! Opt for water, milk, or juice.

When eating:
Pray over your food. In I Chose Happiness, I discuss the health of prayer in many posts nad would like to reiterate here. Prayer has been scientifially proven to have relaxing and healing effects. Even if its just a simple thanks for the food or an acknowledgement of what you are about to recieve, its worth the few moments.
Eat slowly, allow your stomach time to accept and digest what you're putting in it.
Think about the food, the animal it came from, the fields the veggies were grown in, the way it was made even. This knowledge will allow the brain to process just as much as the stomach.

When you can, Bring your lunch to work.
Pack a brown bag or a reusable tote with a healthy lunch. Not only is it better for you but your fellow employees will get jealous (I've had several coworkers drool over my dried fruit and crisp veggies then look at their hamburgers in disgust).

Mental Health in the Workplace:
Don't spend the time before work dreading the hours about to come. This will only put you in a bad mood and mindset that will form the rest of your day.
Don't watch the clock while you are at work. This will make the day seem like it lasts forever.
Smile! A good attitude not only will make you feel better, but could brighten the day of a coworker, boss, or customer.

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