Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tom's of Maine

So my fiance and I started to look into natural personal care products after the Coptic conference where we learned about a few things that were bad for us, specifically Flouride like that found in toothpaste.
For those of you that don't know, Flouride builds a crust around the pinneal gland in the brain. The pinneal gland controls the pituitary gland which in turn effects the by enameling the pinneal you can cause thyroid problems and many other yucky things.

I was a little worried about flouride poisoning my body because after years of intensive dental care, I was drinking flouride water a lot, not to mention its in tap water and using flouride toothpaste.

So when my man and I went grocery shopping for things like toilet paper and shampoo, we looked to see what non-flouride toothpaste there were to be had and found Tom's of Maine flouride free natural toothpaste!
It's a little more expensive than Crest or the other brands, but when you're not buying it every day or week and it's for your health, the few extra bucks don't seem like a lot.

I've tried it for about 2 months now and love it. The peppermint flavor seems to last longer than my last brands of toothpaste and my teeth are actually a little whiter (but this could be a combo of the toothpaste and that I've stopped drinking coffee).

This last shopping trip, I bought Tom's of Maine natural deodorant in Citrus. Its a roller bottle kind so its a little wetter than the Axe we've been using.

Why have I been using Axe (and yes, I am a female)
Well, some time last year I had a bad allergic reaction to both Secret and Suave deodorants. I broke out in red bumps and welts on my underarms and inner legs where I had used the deodorant to help keep my thighs from sticking when I wore a skirt (a little trick for us voluptuous types).
My skin felt irritated and I looked to see the reaction and stopped using those two brands immediately. So I had to find another alternative and started using my fiance's deodorant, Axe. When I had no break outs it became my norm and the smell isn't bad and noone seemed to notice I smell a little like my man...

Anyways, after that anecdote...
Tom's deodorant is awesome too! I've worn it at work where I'm in a sweat box all day running around and I have found that I'm not stinky nor is there any strong citrus odor, which is cool. I also have less shaving bumps when I use it after shaving.

So, to sum it all up, try out Tom's deodorant and toothpaste! I haven't tried their mouthwash, soap, or floss yet but plan to.
Their site is also cool, sorta gives their ethics in business and why they do what they do, which they do well.
Tom's of Main

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  1. what about the part where fluoride prevents tooth decay? isn't it necessary? how can I keep from getting cavities if I don't want my brain coated in crust?