Saturday, May 21, 2011

Weekend shopping

Getting abit of shopping done this weekend. After filling the car with gas and making a car payment...I plan on buying some herbs and such for product making for EcoGoth!

On my list is:
Almond milk
Star Anise pods
Angelica root
Hyssop, dried
Dr. Bronner's Castille soap
Amber bottle
Lip balm tins
1 brick

Mom-in-law Kathy bought the almond milk and stevia for me this morning (THANKS!) so I'm not regressing to 175 lbs again with my recent massive doses of sugar in my tea and the like (same for the gallon of whole cows milk in the fridge...).

You might be asking about the brick...well I'm going to be making honeysuckle hydrosol this coming week some time and maybe some rose hydrosol if there are enough roses available. The honeysuckle I'm not actually buying but gathering as there is a TON of it growing aorund here. Mostly its an experiment as I've never made hydrosol with honeysuckle before...

I just found out Three of Cups, a shop where I used to buy dried and fresh herbs and oils is now closed until they can find a new location (the old had heating and air problems and other unhealthy issues). Here's to hoping they get a new local soon!

Maybe I'll bring the video camera along and you can see where I shop, the products I buy and what I make! Stay tuned!

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