Saturday, May 7, 2011

Super Simple Shampoo

I just want everyone to know how easy it is to make your own shampoo.
Sick and tired of conventional shampoos that are filled with petroleum based fragrance and sodium laurel sulfate that strips my hair, I decided to make my own.

What you will need:
1 16 ox bottle (trya dn old shampoo bottle)
16 oz of castille soap
16 oz of hot water
1-2 tea bags of favorite smelling tea
1 mug and a funnel or small-ish glass pitcher with a spout

Split the castille soap between the original bottle and the empty bottle (this means 8 oz in each bottle for you math whizs out there).
Steep tea bag(s) in hot water in the mug or pitcher for at least 20 minutes covered.
Take out the bag(s) and pour the tea over the castille soap...
Guess what! Thats It!
Easy right?

I used unscented castille soap. Warning, check the bottle because castille soap comes in a variety of scents like tea tree, eucalyptus, peppermint and rose. If you like these scents, go for it.
I used Celestial Seasonings' Tension Tamer tea and a few drops each fennel and tea tree essential oils. This made an herbaceous smelling shampoo I am excited to use!

I already have th tea and the essential oils so I'm not sure really how to factor those into the mix.
Castille soap from the local co-op was $7.48 after tax. So, really, for organic hand-made shampoo, this was super cheap, costing about the same as 2 bottles of the chemical-laden, cheap stuff from the grocery.

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