Thursday, January 6, 2011

Random Personal Update

Seeing the doctor today, which is never particularly fun for me but a necessary evil. (Yes I know that's not a good way to react to doctors on a health blog but, doctor offices and hospitals make me nervous and my mind tends to go blank so I seem like a blithering idiot...)

My health hasn't been so great lately, leading to a lil bit of a confession - I have been eating way too much junk food lately, which I am sure has lead to a minor decline in my health. Hopefully changing my diet for the better along with this doctors visit will straighten things out for me.

Sadly, I fell into the rut so many people fall in, making excuses for my poor food choices because I was busy. Its so fast and cheap to grab a bean and rice burrito from Tacohell and make the excuse that its vegetarian, or it has a green vegetable in it...Yes, I know, I need a smack on the hand and my body certainly gave me one.
Since turning Dec 16th, I have been to the Emergency Room, suffered what I guess was the flu, and have gone 2 weeks with hardly a voice to talk with.

Having recognized I have a problem, now I must look for solutions.
Problem 1: making excuses to eat food because its fast and cheap
Solution: quick and easy green juices in the morning, oh and BTW Kroger has a great deal on bundles of spinach for $2 (with tax)!
Problem 2: getting off the normal healthy routine of eating
Solution: get back on the saddle with new foods and drinks!

So no more junk and now I'm starting my morning off with a spoonful of honey for healing and about 12oz of green juice (combo of pineapple, orange, and a mix of blue-green algaes). My snacks are granola and hot tea with honey and I'm still working out my meals.

Problem 3: my husband and I have a different idea of diet
Solution: compromise with no more sodas and at least 1 green food a day (and green food coloring doesn't count).

I suppose this is a sort of new years resolution though I decided not to make any this year as I already have so much to do...BTW is up and running with its own articles and blog. Product coming soon, I just made a couple of orders from Mountain Rose Herbs and The Raw Food World and have an order for Organic Creations in the making, so samples and the beginnings of some products will be coming soon...

Another is to get in with either a belly dance, yoga or kung fu studio around here. We're looking at prices. Hubby and I just know that doing the normal exercises on our own just isn't going to cut it, we need some sort of community support. I'll let you know how that goes when we find one.

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