Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Herbal Contraceptives

I am going to be blunt (I know, I know, nothing new here right? I mean I am the same person who wrote a whole article about constipation and the Perfect Bowel Movement...and continued this phase through a whole webinar ont he topic...I am sadly forever labeled the Poo Lady by my own family) today I am going to blog about menstruation and contraceptives.
That's right guys, I'm tlaking about my period. Men can now run for cover if you were reading at all.

There are so many ways to relieve colds, flus, aches and pains naturally in the world but when I go to ask about how to prevent pregnancy, regulate my periods (or stop them all together) I am immediately recommended a pill that has so many varieties and side effects I almost have an axiety attack over the choices. Everytime I'm around a tv that has cable (not ours) I see ad after ad for birth control and just as many ads of lawyers calling all women who have suffered from side effects of birth control to submit their cases to the courts (if they're still alive, that is). Its crazy!

I come from a background of having the worst periods in the history of woman-kind. I bled too much, had horrible pain, low iron, etc. At one point I bled off an on for three weeks straight (I was afraid I was dying by the end of it though my doctor assured me he knew of no cases of a woman bleeding to death because of her period...then again he was male...). Too much information? Yeah, however, I just want to add that I've heard story after story of other women who have had similar problems. One friend of mine spent years having to go through a box of pads a period because she bled so heavy.

On a side note I totally recommend moon pads. Yes they are reusable pads made of fabric that you can wash in your washing machine. This may sound icky but seriously? Whats ickier? A bag of used pads or tampons made up of plastics and other non-biodegradable junk going into a landfill or throwing the re-usable unmentionable in the washer with other intimates? Plus, you'll save sooo much money in the long run.
What about the moon cup? Eh...I give kudos to women who use it and love it. I have never used one. I have a friend who has and was frustrated by the inability to wash it out in public restrooms. Another friend pointed out how small it seemed and if you bleed heavy...well you get the point.

Now, I know there are many herbs out there that can be utilized ot relieve cramps, bloating, fatigue, moodiness and all the other symptoms of PMS and PMDD. I think most tea brands have at least one blend that is said to sooth even the most tempermental woman on her period. I have no issue with these blends as I have used them myself and have been happy with them.
My argument is on the lack of herbal birth control.
I'm married but that doesn't mean I'm ready to spawn. However, this doesn't mean I want a load of toxins filling my body and making me susceptable to breast cnacer, stroke, heart attack, etc.

I did some research on natural birth control. The most common suggestion is to follow your cycle and abstain from sex during your most fertile week or set of days. This is a fine suggestion for someone who is regular. I, however am not nor have I ever had a period that could really be planned on.

When researching herbal birth control I found a few sites that had articles on how research was being done, how women who used to practice or prescribe herbs to prevent pregnancy were persecuted as witches, and a number of sites that listes herbs that could indeed prevent pregnancy but also make the woman infertile forever or poison them...
So...not much info available. I followed the leads I had on the herbs suggested to prevent pregnancy and that were currently being tested. The gist of this research is in my article Herbal Contraceptives on Suite 101.

I don't plan to try any of these natural contraceptives any time soon as I'm not sure I want to risk a chance at getting pregnant. My main point is to relay the research and encourage others to look into it. Maybe if more women showed an interest then perhaps more research will be done and an herb or natural contraceptive will be proven.

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