Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I am sooooo lame. I haven't blogged through February and I totally forgot to post my congrats for the Best of Raw winners (which everyone was a winner for being so cool as to create the media, businesses, foods, etc and just being awesome people...I corny) and the Winners of the Living Light Hot Raw Chef Contest (actually my congrats for this was on the EcoGoth blog).

I wanted to especially congratulate Matt Monarch and Angela Stokes-Monarch for their high score votes all through the co-opetition. Their blogs were the top two, their radio show number 1, their t.v. show on YouTube came second, and their store was NUMBER 1! Wooh-hoo! I personally love The Raw Food World and order a few of my own products there (both for myself and for EcoGoth). Maybe they'll be up for another Best of Raw catagory, best retreat? I love seeing all the work they do on their property in Vilcabamba, Ecuadore.

I also wanted to send out my love to Kevin and Annamarie Gianni. I love their show and totally voted on Kevin Gianni as top raw educator because his book High Raw inspired me so greatly that I created EcoGoth and worked on my non-fiction writing more. The Renegade Health Show is great and encourages viewers not only to incorporate more raw foods into their life but also informs them that its not just about what you eat but also about what you do. The Giannis also host a number of webinars, interviews, etc. I loved the Great Health Debate that went on in February. Be sure to check them out.

Sorry I'm kind of playing favorites today on the blog. Everyone else on the Best of Raw competition is awesome of course. I mention The Raw Food World and Renegade Health couples only because they have had the most impact on me over the last year as I slowly reform my life and my health. Thanks.

Congrats also goes to Amber Shea Ford who won the Hot Raw Chef contest through Living Light. I thought she was adorable and her recipe so easy to transfer from raw gormet how to show into our own kitchens. See my full thoughts and congrats on the EcoGoth Blog.

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