Thursday, March 22, 2012

Busy Spring Day

Such a busy day. I'm making a bunch of stuff for the bathroom and burning up as we are trying to only use the air conditioning in the hottest part of the day and simply leave the windows open and fans on during the morning and afternoon. To refresh I've been drinking an infusion from one of the herbs in the garden!

This stuff grows rampant in my husband's grandmother's garden and is trying to take over the space where her ferns are at. Normally she just has my hubs or his step-dad mow it down (they come in smelling like grass and mint and it smells great but they're not big fans of it) OR I come down and pick a ton of it and whatever I don't drink in the next day or so I can dehydrate it for later. This tea (below) was so refreshing! Just what I needed after being so hot today. My fingers smelled like mint for hours after I got done picking too, which was an added bonus ^_^

For the bathroom I've been making my witch hazel and tea tree oil combo that I use on everything from piercings to acne to bug bites. I love it and it makes a great toner as well when its diluted with fresh water or hydrosol. I've also been making my shampoo...I actually made enough for me and my darling friend Fen and a sampler for my friend Alysheba. Fun stuff!

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