Monday, August 23, 2010

Healthy Products

I just thought I'd share some nifty organic, health, etc products.

Being a case any of my readers were curious or were unaware I am a girl...I am very interested in feminine products and health information.
There are many debates about health and menstruation products. Many women (and men who discuss these sort of things...)believe that it is unhealthy to use tampons or to use anything hat might prevent natural flow...i don't know anything about this but am interested in reading up on it if any of you have some info on it.
Another topic is the health of menstrual products on the environment since most pads and tampons are made from plastics and man-made stuff. Because of these questions a lot of women are going back to use reusable cloth during their moontime.
Aunt Flo's Sass is a company that offers women an alternative to buying inorganic pads and they are strangely stylish! I have not used Aunt Flo's Sass products myself but am very interested in them and other products like them. I would also think that reusable 'sass' would save money in the long run rather than buying a box or two of pads every month...

I am currently writing while hanging out in Earth Fare cafe sippin' on a refreshing yerba mate with lemon. if you have not tried yerba mate yet then you really need to. Its such a good pick me up without the jitters of coffee. Yerba calls this wonderful tea nature's original energy tonic which is so true and much better for you than those disgusting energy drinks that taste like battery acid and make me feel all jittery and nauseous.
Yerba Mate contains B-complex, 15 amino acids, and minerals zinc, iron, magnesium, and potassium. Yerba even offers 2 studies on how this herb/tea aids atherosclerosis and mutation prevention!

I am very interested in the concept of protection from EMFs and curious as to ow dangerous EMFs are. There are many products out that supposedly protect users from EMFs. I've seen a collection of crystals (usually clear quartz and hemitite) that when set up in from of the computer protect the user from EMFs from their laptops and i've seen these new Quantum Balancing Crystals that when worn protect the wearer from EMF radiation and are also said t regulate the body's natural energy flow.
I've never used one of these products personally but I do have friends with products in their homes that balance out the EMFs from their household products (t.v., microwave, phone, computer) that look like funky crystal and copper paperweights. They claim that the energy in their home has been much clearer and lighter since they bought it.

Let me know if you've tried any of these products! I'd love to read your reviews!


  1. I also want to say that the Alternative Baking Company, Inc. has a very yummy and filling vegan Explosive Espresso Chip Cookie!

  2. I bought a relatively inexpensive Orgone Accelerator from Atlantis in Johnson City, TN and it is currently sitting in my new apartment on top of my tv (where I've seen others put theirs) and I can't really tell a difference but it does look cool and I hope its working. ^_^