Thursday, August 12, 2010

Monthly Herbal: Tea Tree Oil Uses

My Tea tree Face Wash:
In a spray bottle I mix equal parts water and rubbing alcohol (wich hazel can be used too).
To this I add 8-10 drops pharmaceutical grade tea tree oil.
To use, I shake the bottle then spray a bit on a dry cloth.
I rub the cloth on my face in circular motion to exfoiate the skin.
The wash reduces and prevents acne as well as refreshes me after a day out, at work, or simply when waking up in the morning.

Room Cleanser
I've also read that a mix of Eucalyptus and Tea Tree oil mixed in an oil burner can rid a home of mold.
Mix a few drops of each Eucalyptus and Tea Tree (use pharmaceutical or aromatherapy grade, as always) in the bowl of an oil diffuser.
Add enough water to fill the bowl almost to the top then, light a tea-light candle beneath the bowl.
Place the diffuser in any room with mold.
These oils can also be diffused in a room where someone is sick or to cleans the air in a new house or a room that has been uninhabited for some time.

Essential Energy has a few oil mixes that include Tea Tree oil.

Rejuvenating Blend: boosting the immune system as well as bringing clarity to the mind, this blend is great for an instant pick-me-up or long-term rejuvenation.
2 drops each eucalyptus, tea tree and geranium with 1 drop sage oil in a carrier of primrose oil or grape seed oil for massage or bath.

Traveler's Best Friend Blend: every traveler knows the perils of traveling without a fully equipped medicine kit. This blend is the perfect companion for adventurers, a trusty cure-all for those icky things you pick up on the road towards nirvana.
2 drops each lavender and tea tree with 1 drop each peppermint and basil in a carrier of grape seed or wheatgerm oil for baths.
(Use tea tree as a general topical antiseptic)

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