Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Leave Light Footprints

I love to travel! Those of you who know me know I plan to travel as much as I possibly can in this life (I'm even planning a trip to New Orleans in September to get married!!!!).
Having said that, I am also all about doing what I can and encouraging others to do what they can to take care of this wonderful planet we live on, even when we're traveling.

Samantha Brown of the Travel Channel did a show in Hawaii not too long ago (or at least it was on my t.v. not too long ago) that talked about eco-vacationing. Eco-vacationing (this isn't really a term Brown used or that I've seen, its just an easy way to get the idea across) is when you take care of the environment with smart decisions on vacation!
Brown encouraged not leaving trash on the beach (duh!) and recycling whatever you use that can be recycled. You also might want to look into green hotels or B&Bs (yes they're out there!) to stay at. While we aren't readily able to do this, Brown also did an infomercial sort of thing that encouraged people to come to Hawaii and to take care of the beautiful beaches. However, you can make youre own press release by video taping yourself on vacation adn talking about the lovely things you see and how to preserve them and uploading it on YouTube for us to watch!

Here is an article I found on a blog that was found through the Raw Directory through Pure Jeevan.
I like the advice to ditch the vacation packages and resort stays for a more local, cultural and eco-friendly stay. Having never been to a resort...I can't say for sure that resort stays are not good for people and the environment but being a fan of Rachel Ray, I am all for talking to the locals, eating local, and checking out the local diggs (just seems like more fun).
I am also a huge fan of B&Bs! They are sooo cute and obviously local owned (which means they know where the good places ot eat and shop are too).

Anywyas, check it out and tell me what you think! Do you travel lightly? Have you stayed at a Green hotel or B&B? What sort of eco-travel or eco-vacationing tips do you have? Do you have a YouTube press release you want to show?

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