Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Product Review: Traditional Medicinals Tea

I recently bought a box of Traditional Medicinals Raspberry Leaf tea at my local supermarket.

I've read a lot about Raspberry Leaf in my studies on natural women's health. This herb is wonderful for women no matter if they've just started puberty or are in the final stages of menopause. A tonic for the uterus, raspberry leaf can be used regularly during pregnancy and nursing.

According to Marijah McCain of Herbal Healer Academy, raspberry leaf contains fragrine, an alkaloid that tones the pelvic muscles (including the uterus). Vitamins and minerals found in raspberry leaf tea are vitamin C, E, A, and B complex, calcium, iron, phosphorus, and potassium.
McCain also says that drinking raspberry leaf tea during pregnancy can prevent miscarriage, hemorrhage and morning sickness. She also says the tea can reduce pain during and after birth because of its muscle toning ability.

Now, I'm not drinking the tea for its pregnancy related benefits, raspberry leaf tea also helps with menstruation by regulating periods and relieving cramps.

Traditional Medicinals Raspberry Leaf Tea is delicious and reminds me of a herbacious black tea. I drink it with just a little bit of sweetener and I've tried it with a bit of milk and with a bit of almond milk but have found these to be unecessary.
I chose the Traditional Medicinals brand not only because it was the only one in the isle selling raspberry leaf by itself, but also because their company uses certified organic, pharmacoepial grade plants. Traditional Medicinals also uses a lot of green energy and recently became the largest solar powered business in the country.

Here's a video from Naturally Savvy about Traditional Medicinals. I think the hosts are a little corny but it has a lot of good information about the company.

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