Friday, July 16, 2010

The Naturopathic Difference

I got my cd, The Naturopathic Difference, from Herbal Healer Academy in the mail today!
I've been waiting for the cd for a little while now so I was pretty excited when I checked the mail today.

My fiance and I listened to the cd in the car (new car!!!) while running errands this morning. I'm not sure what was more interesting, that Marijah McCain is a bit of a firecracker or that my fiance was just as into listening to McCain explain the whys and hows of her becoming a naturopath as I was.

The cd reinforced a lot of what I learned in my first lesson of my Herbalism course, including information about Essiac.

I'm looking forward to my future lessons and cds even more so now! The cds can be bought without taking any of the courses and I definately recommend them as they give a passionate point of view on natural healing along with some facts everyone should be exposed to.

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