Thursday, October 28, 2010


Hello Readers,

I'm sorry that I haven't posted or been on the computer at all this past week. Been very busy...

So I got a horrible fever blister 2 days ago. It took up a large portion of my upper lip and hurt badly. I asked my mom if she had anything for it (expecting one of those foul smelling balms) and she gave me her bottle of  generic brand Lysine supplements. Having never heard of it, I was a little wary but went ahead and took the double dosage my mom recommended along with making a paste of 1 pill, 1 drop of Tea Tree oil and a couple of drops of water to put directly on the blister.
Today (2 days later) my fever blister is practically GONE! I totally recommend this, so far...having not done any real background research into the supplement. I've never had any medicine for fever blisters or mouth sores ever act so fast or so well.

November Monthly Herbal Poll
The poll is up! Pumkin, Sage, Apple, and Cranberry - 4 herbs that I associate with fall and Thanksgiving.
I know the poll is up a lil late this month so...The poll will not end until the 6th, so you have a whole week into November to vote!

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