Thursday, October 14, 2010

Raw Mom Cooked Dad and the Library

Went to the library again today. I'm excited about a book on natural health and remedies for dogs and cats. I don't have a dog but I do have a beautiful tabby named Halloween and her birthday is this month ^_^

Also today was an interview on Raw Mom Cooked Dad with Dr. LindaJoy Rose. Dr. Rose, or LJ, is an expert in the Subconcious Mind and is a relatively new raw foodist, three years. She just wrote a book that is coming out this fall called Raw Fusion: Better Living through Living Foods. The book kind of combines raw and cooked food, which is perfect for a household of both raw and cooked foodists.
When asked about what sort of foods raw foodists eat on their 'vacation' from the raw path, Dr. Rose mentioned making a TLT (twist on BLT) with tempeh sauteed in coconut oil along with some avocado 'mayo', lettuce and tomato on some gluten free bread.
I like that she wasn't one to put pressure on every raw foodists needs to be 100% raw. It simply may not be natural for everyone.

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