Sunday, October 3, 2010


I've been drawn to write about constipation for some time now, due to my own struggle with it and my realization that so many people I care about also suffer from this issue.
Constipation is no little matter. It can lead to sever health problems that range form bad breath and acne to colon cancer. It can create toxicity in the body, which can't handle the build up of waste leaking into it's system. In order to rid itself of the toxins, the body will push them through the kidneys, liver, and skin creating all sorts of nasty health problems.
In my article, Constipation and the Perfect Bowel Movement on Suite 101, I explain exactly what constipation is and what to look for as far as whether or not your bowel movement is a healthy one.
I do warn that it is a bit graphic about such an icky subject but we're all grown ups and can handle a lil conversation about poo if it's important for our health can't we?

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