Friday, October 1, 2010

The Living Longer Argument

An argument against natural medicine, natural living, raw living, and other lifestyles that gravitate from the normal, conventional and allopathic that I hear frequently is that "humans are living longer now."
I question the validity of this argument. Yes, the average human lives longer, into their 70's and 80's, today rather than the average lifespan ending at 45 like it did not so long ago. However, are these 70 and 80 year old happy being that old?

I hear from people my own age (early twenties) about aches and pains and how they dread getting older for these aches and pains will only get worse. I see people dread their doctors visits, knowing that the doctor will see yet another problem, prescribe yet another pill. I have family members hitting the twilight years with doctor visits every other week!
Are you really happy putting yourself through all this misery because you felt modern lifestyles and modern medicine was good for you?

So why are people living longer if we are putting all this gunk in our bodies? 
My theory is the technology of communication and transportation. It is easier than ever for people to find out about medicine, superfoods, lifestyles, etc. There are blogs like mine all over the net, websites, videos, newsletters, and more. With the rise and transportation technology, superfoods can be shipped all over the world making broccoli, kale and cacao just as accessible for people in the UK as it is for people in Ecuador.
This unique ability to access in our time is what might be the cause for longer lifespans.
Another reason is affluence. People in modern, westernized countries tend to have more money and therefore more means to experiment with health, doctors, lifestyles, etc.

My other argument against the "humans are living longer now" statement is simply, are they?
Some people might argue that the people in biblical times lived to be hundreds and thousands of years old. Some were nomadic. Some, like Adam and Eve, lived off the fruit of the land, some were agrarian, yet they had huge lifespans living a natural life.

Then there are the people that live to be well over 100 in other countries, third world countries where there are few or no allopathic doctors at all. Some studies say its the superfoods like acai or goji berries that they eat that causes such a long, active, healthy lifespan. Others say its the combination of natural foods, natural medicine and living in an area where they don't have to deal with the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional stresses that the modern and post-modern world bring.

I am sorry if this sounds a little like a rant.
I simply feel like the people who propose this as an argument to me do it in defense of the doctors who kill people every day with misdiagnosing illnesses or giving them "medicines" with side effects that make the patient worse. Or in defense of food companies that load "food" with MSG and other excitotoxins that literally make us addicted to their food even as they raise the prices of real food and outlaw healing herbs like hemp.
It is simply sad.

on a happier note...
The Monthly Herbal for October is...(drum roll here)
Look forward to strange, new and exciting information about this misunderstood herb including videos, recipes, and perhaps an interview?!?!?!

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