Friday, October 8, 2010

Raw Mom Cooked Dad

I just signed up for this program called Raw Mom Cooked Dad created by two lovely women, Fiona and Tera.
While I'm not raw, I do have some issues with my husband on out views of healthy food, or rather I want healthier food and he prefers his Velveeta Shells and Cheese and a gallon of milk a week.

We don't really fight over this, I don't want to give the impression of use arguing over the pots and pans in our itty bitty kitchen. We do try and compromise with organic broccoli in the noodles and cheese and no sodas in the house.
As a couple that does compromise with food, I thought this was a great program for those out there that have the health issue in their house.
Also this video form The Raw Food World about Raw Wife, Cooked Hubby.

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