Sunday, October 10, 2010

What a Crazy Saturday!!!

So, if you're my friend on Facebook, you would have seen my status saying I was going to Good Foods for their Sampler Saturday. I also wanted to stop in at the Farmers Market on Richmond Rd.
I woke up early, earlier than I had initially planned but feeling rested and ready to go. 
After some breakfast (a cup of tea, a spoonful of honey, and half a bagel if you wanted to know what I eat) and getting ready my husband and I headed out to meet our day.

The Richmond Road Farmers Market what a lot smaller than I expected it to be but had a good pick of tomatoes, pumpkins (I bought a small one for $1.50 and it is adorable), eggplant, and fall flowers. One booth was handing out samples and cups of chili, which smelled wonderful and full of herbs sold right next door.
Having walked the majority of the market in about 5 minutes, my hubby and I were heading out with our pumpkin, and we ran into Mr. Keith Green. Mr. Green was selling Honey Dew Honey in a variety of jar sizes for a relatively good price (I think the biggest jar was $13).
We talked to Mr. Green for a little bit, about what he feeds his bees, what he does with the wax, the Lexington Bee Keepers Association, and about the honey, which is 3 different colors depending on time of year harvested (ranging from a clear gold to a dark, beautiful red-gold-brown). We also discussed the healing properties of honey and he was enthusiastic about how honey, applied on a wound, works just as well as Neosporin.
He was also kind enough to give us a small jar of honey to try, knowing my husband used to raise bees and considers himself a little but of a honey expert. We shared this jar with my family and think its quite yummy and I was amazed at how easy it pours, its so liquid-like rather than the super thick, sugary stuff at the supermarket.

We went to the Good Foods Sampler Saturday but I think we showed up too early. There were 3 small tables with samples of Fair Trade chocolate and coffee, dips, and a butternut squash soup. I tried the soup and the chocolate, both were very yummy. I do wish there would have been more booths though.

Stopping at the local Taco Bell (I know, I know, soooo not healthy) our day was thrown for a big loop. Our Scion xB (yep, we got with THAT haha) picked up a huge bolt in the tire! Chad was furious! We pulled into a parking lot nearby and checked out the damage. After I let Chad vent his frustration, I reminded him that we had recieved a coupon for 1 Free tire repair at Good Year.
Long story short, the tire is fixed and all is well. This was Grace at work for sure!

We tried to relax for the rest of the day, enjoying our time off work.
I've been watching videos like this one by Shazzie, a widely known raw foodist and author who has also written a book with David Wolfe. Check it out:

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