Thursday, April 5, 2012

Another New Webinar

For those of you who did not see the webinar on Holy Basil, you can sign up to watch it again today! Kevin is lengthening the webinar so more people can watch ^_^

Also, Matt Monarch of The Raw Food World and David Rainoshek of Juice Feasting (and the fabulous B12 Webinar that I really love and you can sign up to watch it too!) is promoting another webinar - this one is on MicroAlgae, a superfood rich in chlorophyll.
Here's what Matt had to say about the webinar:

"MicroAlgae Superfoods and Healing ChronicFatigue Top Clinical Research on MicroAlgae Superfoods Which MicroAlgae has 30x as much Healing Chlorophyll as Wheatgrass The Superfood of Choice for Children Potent Anti-Radiat!on Secrets of MicroAlgaes MicroAlgaes: A Saving Grace for the Environment Three Most Potent Varieties of Micro Algae Superfoods
It is easy to make MicroAlgaes an integral part of your Nutritional Life Practices when you know how miraculous they are!"

Lots of learning going on ^_^

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