Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Detox Your Home!

I know I talk a lot about Detoxing Your Body but I want to take a moment to talk about Detoxing Your Home.
This will be short and I encourage you to look into these tips yourself, run some searches and find out which ways really resonate with you for you to work with.
Also, they are in no particular order, just numbered for organization.

1. Get the Chemicals OUT
Just like Detoxing your body involves getting rid of chemicals in your body, detoxing your home will involve getting rid of chemicals.
What under your sinks have been there for years? Remove anything that is past expiration or, if it doesn't have an expiration, has been there over a year or two.
What under your sinks or cupboards or in your utility room can be replaced with something natural? Could you replace your kitchen and bathroom cleaners with lemon juice, spring water, baking soda, essential oils?

2. Circulate The AIR
Fresh air is NECESSARY for human habitation.
Open the windows during the warm weather months for as long as possible and in the cold weather open them ever so often even for just 5 minutes to get fresh air in.

Bring in an IONIZER to energize the air you breath - ions are the reason the air before a storm feels so great!

Bring in some plants! Plants have been studied and proven to filter air in the home and work place by NASA. Some plants are better than others so do your research but any plant will do.

Buy air filters for the home especially if you live in a high pollen, high smog, high polution area like mid-city.

3. Filter the WATER
We all know tap water is not good for drinking, but what about bathing?
Buy filters for sinks and showers in the home. Try finding ones that filter Chlorine and Flouride as well as the other chemicals in the water.

4. Consider hardwood floors rather than carpet.
Even better, bring in bamboo flooring - bamboo can be stained to look like other woods as well, even Walnut and Red Wood.
Carpet perpetuates allergies and releases gases that are bad for us.

There you go! That wasn't so hard was it? Some fresh air and a few pretty plants? Maybe a home renovation or two? Great ideas available for you home-fixer-uppers. ^_^

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