Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Gianni's Stress Reducing Herb

Hey Readers,

So I just finished the free webinar that I promoted today in my previous post. You can still sign up for it, I think they're featuring another one tonight at 9pm and at other times the rest of this week.
Kevin and Annmarie have been talking about Holy Basil for a while now in their videos on The Renegade Health Show on Youtube and their blog so I thought it might be the herb featured.

The webinar was very informative abut adrenal health, how cortisol effects aging and health, and what adaptogens are.
The only fault I found in the webinar information might not be an issue but I did read on WebMD (I'm still looking for other information to deny or agree with this) that Holy Basil should not be used with medication that slow blood clotting (like aspirin) as it might increase this ability. However, WebMD did say " But there isn't enough information to know if this is a big concern."
Another issue that WebMD stated was that Holy Basil interacts with Pentobarbitol but again it said " But there isn't enough information to know if this is a big concern."
Lastly, it said that Holy Basil has not be tested for its effects on pregnant or nursing women. As Annmarie is pregnant, I plan on e-mailing the Gianni's about this, if she's using it, if her midwife has said anything about it, has she noticed anything, etc.

I'll keep you all informed on my research.

Also, if you are interested in buying Holy Basil extract, the webinar does have a %12 discount on 3 bags of the extract that also comes with a free recipe guide.
The add for it did make me a lil uncomfortable as it felt like the whole webinar might be to sell the extract BUT Kevin does believe in this product and I rationalized the advert in that he simply wants to get Holy Basil into the hands of the people and it's not free to him so its not free to us either...

More of my research:

I am looking to see if I can grow Holy Basil in Alaska as it does seem like an herb that would do well to be put into my diet. It can be grown out of doors in tropic to mild areas so if I do grow it, it will have to be indoors at a windowsill or under a grow-lamp.

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