Monday, April 2, 2012

A New Route

Talk about things falling into place!
I believe things happen for a reason. I also believe that if something is meant for me, if I am meant to take a path, and I accept this, then signals will be placed out for me to pick up or ignore.
I am picking up the signals!

As I've said before, I'm moving to Alaska - April 14 or 15th tentatively - and one of the reasons I am sooo excited about this move is the view Alaskans seem to have about herbalism, natural healing and organic or natural living. There are so many herbalists, naturopathic physicians, holistic healing centers, natural birthing centers, midwives, survivalists, wildcrafters, artists, etc just in the Anchorage and Fairbanks areas that I've seen online! My kind of people and places!

So I'm doing my research and thinking, how do I prepare myself for this? I wanna know everything about the local herbs, the gardens and farms, the local herb lore and the native way of healing.
Reading along, I feel like I'm beginning all over again.

I'm taking a break from Herbal Healer Academy lessons as I won't have an address for the school to send lessons to until we get moved, settled and get a P.O. Box. This gives me a break from that path a little bit and while I'm still going in the same direction, I'm deviating from the road onto a lil trail it seems. (I'm I using too many analogies and metaphors?)

While looking at all this information I ran into Tansy and her blog, Field of Tansy, and some blog posts she did called A Life's Journey to Become an Herbalist. Intrigued, I read on and found that the blog posts stemmed form an article by Gail Faith Edwards that discusses the 10-fold path to Master Herbalism.

This was exactly what I needed in my desire to learn about Alaska-based herbalism.
Taking a leaf out of Tansy's, I'm going to follow the steps outlined by her and Gail and do a year of re-acquainting myself with herbalism.

As I was thinking about this, I signed onto the blog and saw a post by Rosalee de la Foret on How to Choose an Herbal School! How fortuitous! I read it and simply felt I had hit another sign post saying "exit ramp ahead" "turn here" and follow this little dirt trail in your road to herbalism.

While I am taking this trail I do plan to merge back into the path I am taking now with the Herbal Healer Academy for my herbalism certification.
I don't think that this new step will at all be a disadvantage in my studies but a side self-taught course in life and herbs. I think it will be of benefit ^_^

My first step and more links will be available in my next post...

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