Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I love getting e-mails from Tera Warner. She has such a great personality and I love her webinars, articles and blogs.
Today I read an e-mail from her about what she called her Best Health Decision this past year! What a hook for an e-mail from a woman who loves health, raw foods, juicing and green smoothies! She talks to so many health, nutrition and beauty experts for her to offer what she thinks is her Best Health Decision - well, I was intrigued.
Rather than telling you myself, I will simply post her e-mail to me and the rest of us on her mailing list:

Morning, Happy Chick!

I've got some exciting news to share and have been holding 
back until I could tell you, but it looks like it's all 
coming together now, so YAY! 

Secret's gonna be out. 

But first... 

I thought I'd share with you the *one thing* that has made 
the biggest difference for me in improving my health, 
well-being and getting rid of my unbearable late night 
cravings for food in the last year! 

It has a lot to do with my special announcement, so here it is: 

We all know we're supposed to stay hydrated and eat a 
nutrient-rich diet. 

We all know juicing is great, but WHAT a pain in the butt to 
clean that machine! (And then there's all the leftover 
fiber to feel guilty about!) Honestly, I love juicing and I 
love juice, but it's messy, expensive and time-consuming, 
so most days, sadly, it just doesn't happen for me. 

I've always been passionate about plant and herbs and wild 
flowers and last summer I really started to experiment with 
herbal infusions. We call them herbal "teas" but there's 
not really any "tea" in there. 

It's just aromatic and medicinal plants that we steep in hot 
water. Doing so draws out the minerals and nutrients and 
makes a very nourishing cocktail that is loaded in 
health-boosting properties, hydrates like a son of a gun and 
doesn't burden your digestive system. 

It's so easy to do and cost pennies!

You can literally go into your backyard, or your local park 
and pluck some pine needles to make a great beauty tea.  

You can pick rose petals, dandelions, daisies, sunflowers, 
nettles, oatstraw, dried fruits and berries and put in a 
pinch of licorice root to sweeten it up! 

It's the easiest thing you'll ever do:

Add water. 

No expensive equipment.
No messy clean up.
No waste! (In fact, you're going to be able to just gather 
some of the things in your backyard for FREE and you'll 
feel fabulous for doing it!)

Since we can't all go forage in the forest and pluck pine 
needles in our spare time, I took the liberty of ordering a small 
truckload of my favorite organic and wild-crafted herbal and 
medicinal plants and have put them together in an amazing 
combination for beauty. 

It's called "" and we are getting it ready to 
ship out soon!  

Since the details are still being finalized, we're offering 
a pre-release discount on our new ""!  

We've packaged them in 250g bags (enough for about a pot a 
day for an entire month!) If you pre-order it will only cost 
$14.97. (That's about 50 cents a day for one of the 
healthiest things you could do for yourself!)
(scroll down! It's the second item on the list!) 

You will be SO amazed after only one month with the 
difference you notice in your hair, skin, eyes, energy and 

If you want to save money and get on the healthy, herbal,
hydration bandwagon then click this link:

There are no fancy pages.

No pretty pictures.

No long explanations. When those are up, the price will be
up, too! 

If all goes as planned we should be able to ship out 
in the next two weeks!! 

You can pre-order your here:

And for the first 20 people who place their order, I'll hook you up 
with some of my secret herbal detox recipes for spring!  

Love at tea time and all the time,


The secret to health isn't really a secret at all, 

The more I learn the more I realize how simple solutions really are.

Laugh a lot.
Celebrate life.
Sit around and sip tea.

That's a health protocol I can handle.
1017 Point Road #8
White Lake, ON
K0A 3L0

That's right! Her best health decision was TEA or, correctly, Tisanes/Infusions. Wow!
This coming from a Raw Foodist Celebrity, and its Herbal Infusions! How exciting is that! I' know I'm thrilled to hear such news that not only does she love teas she's also loving it so much she's offering her favorites to her public. How cool!

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