Monday, April 2, 2012

Making Lists...

In my last blog post I said I was deviating from the path I was taking for a lil while but still heading in the same direction - Becoming an Herbalist.

Well here are some lists

Gail Faith Edwards' 10-Fold Path
  1. Sense of Place
  2. Observation
  3. Humble Yourself
  4. Connect with your Wild Nature
  5. Herbal Ally
  6. Study, study, study
  7. Simplify your life
  8. Cultivate your spirituality
  9. Listen to your clients
  10. Be your own refuge
  11. Practice Learning

I guess that's really an 11-fold path...but I don't think she numbered that last one >.<

Tansy, who got me started on this, has a list of things she's done with her herbal ally, nettles:

Getting Started:
Having a Herbal Ally
Finding a Herbal Ally
Herbal Ally Tools

January Challenges:
Herbal Ally Challenge #1: Decorating your Journal Cover
Herbal Ally Challenge #2: Infusions
Herbal Ally Challenge #3: Research Part I
Herbal Ally Challenge #4: Impressions

February Challenges:
Herbal Ally Challenge #5: Vinegars Part I
Herbal Ally Challenge #6: Tinctures Part I
HerbalAlly Challenge #7: Oil Infusions Part I
Herbal Ally Challenge #8: Starting Seeds

March Challenges:

  • Herbal Ally Challenge #9: Review and Vinegars Part II
  • Herbal Ally Challenge #10: Herbal Ally Meditation

April Challenges:
Herbal Ally Challenge #11: Write A Story

May Challenges:

  • Herbal Ally Challenge #12: Make A Salve


  • Quick and Easy Note Tabs
  • Seed Starting Time
  • Vinegar Note
  • Herbal Ally Update and Survey
I'm posting this here so I can get some ideas later...

first things first though...
Step 1 of the 10-fold path, A Sense of Place - ALASKA!

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