Thursday, April 5, 2012

Cures for Cancer

Disclaimer: This post is for educational purposes only, please see medical professional about your health problems before carrying on with any method stated here...

I have family, friends, and the family of friends with cancer. Its an epidemic that is being treated incorrectly, in my opinion. Instead of getting the problem out of the body with DETOXIFICATION and boosting the immune system with NUTRITION, allopathic medicine today instead wants to put more and more and more toxins, radiation, and disease into the body! Chemotherapy, injection of viruses, radiation poisoning - only to be told you have a matter of days left and be sent home under hospice (if that) to get their affairs in order.
I'm disgusted and heart broken with every phone call, every e-mail about more and more of the people I love and care about being diagnosed with cancer and never being treated like human beings but rather like large lab rats.

I said this not so long ago to a family member and the response was, "But what can they do? There isn't a cure for cancer yet."
I was shocked. Not too long ago I wrote some articles about Rene Caisse's CURE FOR CANCER - Essiac.
The first article, The Essiac Cure for Cancer, explains how this Canadian nurse found a Native American cure for disease and cancer.
The second, The Ingredients for Essiac, states that the cure is made up for 4 simple ingredients - sheeps sorrel, turkey rhubarb, burdock root, and slippery elm. These ingredients grow in the wild in North America! They have DETOXING and NOURISHING abilities! Exactly what the body needs to allow it to fight disease. The article also explains how to decoct these herbs and use them.

I bring this all up again because I've learned about a second way to cure cancer that follows the same principles of detox and building nutrition and the immune system. The Gerson Therapy created by Dr. Max Gerson has been found to cure not only cancer but also diabetes and other "incurable" diseases.
Dr. Gerson came to America to flee the Holocaust that later killed his siblings. It is said that even Hitler wanted his hands on this amazing doctor because of his ability to treat and cure disease. In America, Gerson's treatment for disease and diabetes was tested on patients with cancer and found to work.

What is the therapy?
Juicing and Enemas. That's it! Now, it is recommended that you participate in the therapy with a qualified Gerson Home Trainer or Doctor (which are rare) but the gist of the treatment is Organic, Raw juices and Organic Coffee Enemas.
Why is this illegal? Its just juice and enemas! But it is illegal to offer this as a treatment for ANYTHING in USA hospitals.

Where can I learn more?
The Gerson Website offers links to buy the documentaries of the method (including donating just $5 to watch one online - thats less than what most people donate to one of the Cancer Awareness groups a month!
The site also offers FREE PDFs on Gerson recipes, treatments, guides to juicers, shopping lists, and lists of supplies and why you need them. SO SIMPLE!

With More than 1 PROVEN method, how can we continue to ignore this and simply Hope that someone will just wave a magic wand and an allopathic doctor tell his or her patient, yes there is a cure and we mad eit in a lab. Here is your magic pill. I'm sorry if I sound cynical but I feel like this is what is being said of adds for a Walk for Breast Cancer Awareness or Leukemia or whatever. We are AWARE! Cancer does exist! THERE IS A CURE!

For those of you with a disease or cancer, why not try it? Talk to your doctor about the Essiac ingredients - will they interact with the medication you are on? Talk to a doctor or naturopath about how to give yourself an enema properly, will the coffee interact with your medication?
Would it really hurt you to drink some organic fruit and vegetable juice or tea, especially when it could CURE you of your illness.

The Bible says: "The Lord hath created medicines out of the Earth, and he that is wise will not abhor them." Ecclesiasties 38:4

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